Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knowing The Food Code

Do you really care learning about the codes meaning towards the foods that you are buying? I am so freak about the expiration date of the food as i always check the bottom or part or to where i can find the expiration date. I heard somewhere that when the food expired it does not mean it could kill you eat it  a day or two after the said expiration date. I am not a risk taker i want to be safety all the time.

I noticed that food you can see and read different codes such as sell by date, used by date and expiration date. Confusing is not it or who cares as people generally only cares about the expiration date. It is important that we know and have the  knowledge about what those codes mean.I shared what i learn from a reputable resources.

The sell by date means to the last day a retailer can display a product for sale. Typically, a food is safe to eat for ten days after the Sell by Date if refrigerated properly. The used by date means refers to the last day a product will maintain its optimum freshness, flavor, and texture. Beyond this date, the product begins to deteriorate although it is still edible. And the expiration date means what it says - if you have not used a product by this date, toss it.

I am so careful from my experienced when i bought this gallon of juice being confident that the people working to the said grocery store are checking their foods, meat and drinks all the time. When i got home i think of checking the expiration date and it was unfortunately, expired i went back to the store with my receipt for my refund. It was not all about the money but to let them knew that their customers do really look at the expiration date. 


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