Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where's The Spring?

My husband just unloaded the grocery items and took off to get more coal. Freezing cold this morning that i do not want to go somewhere. Saturday is our day for grocery shopping. No choice as i do not want to go on Sunday. We are all bundled up as we left the house.

Went to the store and we were looking for a hook where i can hang my daughter's coat, jackets and other stuff mount it behind her bedroom door. Unfortunately, no designs that i like and the prices were ridiculously expensive not worth buying.

We stopped at the crayon aisle there was one lady with her cart looking for coloring. My daughter notice the crayon with a cute design she wants them i read the label and the age recommended it said 18 months and above but definitely not for my daughter's age she is too big for it. I told her that it is for little girls and she replied and said mommy, i am a girl. The lady laughed and said she was right, she is a girl.

On our way out, they have the two red box where you can rent DVD tapes. We want to rent the unstoppable movie with Denzel  Washington but no luck we checked both red box. It is indeed, available in our Dish Network pay per view but cost five dollars unlike renting from red box only one dollar but have to return the movie tape the next day. Better luck next time as more good movies will come.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy's Copy Cat

When i knew that i was pregnant the very first thing in my mind is to have a baby boy.  It is not a secret that it is very difficult to conceive a baby boy. As a mom to be i want to raise a boy as my eldest child. Time for my first ultra sound appointment and to see my baby in my womb was unbelievable and that time she was too little to determine her gender.

Second ultrasound came, technician was having a hard time figuring it out as my baby was kicking here and there she could not stopped moving herself even for a minute or few seconds. I remembered i was the last patient at that time and it was surely getting late and i was ready to get up and leave the place but my technician was not giving up i knew it was her job.

She told me that she was 85 percent that my baby is a girl because we both saw in the monitor that my baby kicked her forehead and she said that she encountered many situations like that and only baby girls doing it. Reluctantly, i said it could still be a boy.

The moment arrived and we have a baby girl name Cassandra and i could not asked for more. She was perfectly healthy and so adorable. I am a first time mom and hard to explained the feeling but for sure happiness and joy were felt!

She is now over three years old and mommy's little copy cat. Every time she sees me going in the bathroom she would follow me. Whenever i put lotion, palmer's cocoa butter, deodorant and make up she would asked if she can put them too. She is such a joy to our life. GOD is so good! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skinny, Me?

When i was single i tend to weighed 100 pounds and now married and got pregnant with all those baby fats and everything i weighed up to 125 pounds. Tried really hard and struggling for three years to lost some pounds but then i would gain them back!

Christmas of 2010 we were in Philippines. Family, relatives and friends were shocked that my figure was not the same anymore. My mom did all the cooking, brother and sister did the rest of the chores. I was treated like a queen as i was so relaxed and spoiled.

A month after, my mom told me that i lost some weight which made me happy. We left Philippines and my sister-in-law visited and saw me after two months of being away. She told me that i look like i lost some pounds and yes, i did lost five pounds. A  month after which was yesterday she visited us again and she was shocked and told me that i am skinny!

Skinny? I weighed 115 pounds and i feel good. She told me to eat and eat more to gain some pounds back. No way, it is very hard to shed those pounds. I am going to stay on my diet as i am happy of how i look. Still want to lost five more pounds.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Great Graduation Gift!

Guest post written by Fred Martin

With the economy being in pretty rough condition, I have not been able to help my son out with a car the way that I always wanted to. I have always been able to take care of him,
but now that he is getting ready to graduate  college, I want to be able to help him out by getting him some wheels, finally. 
He has to be able to get to his first job somehow, right? I've been talking with my wife, and we think that we are finally in good shape to be able to help him out. He has currently in his last semester at college, and as a graduation present, we think that we definitely want to surprise him with a little car to call his own - can you imagine his surprise?

Now that thing has been a little better for us financially, we may put a little more money into our house, too. Why not? We have not had any problems for years, but we have noticed that the house has been pretty drafty this winter. I have been looking at  for some solutions. Glad to see things are looking up!

Final Goodbye

The time finally came last night when my husband got home from work. He relaxed for a while and started looking for a place where we can buried our dear cat, Sasha. Found a perfect spot for her she was buried under the pine tree in our back yard. Our daughter grabbed her own plastic shovel and helped her daddy digging the dirt out.

Everyone was sad as it was the final goodbye. We pet Sasha the last time before putting her to her grave. My husband was so quiet i knew why because it was so hard for him to buried his own precious  cat.

Last night, Payne was so noisy and restless i bet she was looking for Sasha it took awhile for her to stopped and i felt so bad for her.This weekend we are going to make a cross for Sasha as we already put a headstone for her grave. Too bad she died and no flowers that we can give to her as spring just started and my tulips do not have flowers yet. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Love You, Sasha

Family is mourning right now as Sasha our cat passes away last night was not been discovered until this morning when my husband got up to start his morning. Sasha was been so weak for the last two days and yesterday i noticed that she did not eat anything nor drink any water. She was down on the kitchen floor and was sleeping. I stared to her last night before going to bed trying to see any beat from her body but it seems none i thought that she would still make it the next day or so.  

This morning i asked my husband about Sasha as she was not there anymore where i last saw her last night and he said Sasha is gone, she is no longer with us. I expected that to come but not that saddened. She was more than 20 years old very long life for a cat. Our daughter asked and was looking for Sasha too and we told her that Sasha is in kitty cat's heaven.  

Tonight, when my husband gets home from work we are going to dig a hole to buried Sasha and send a prayer for the worm not to eat Sasha as our daughter said she does not want the worms to eat Sasha's body. Seriously, i am sad the family is sad. We will miss Sasha forever as she was such a beautiful and playful cat. Rest in peace Sasha. We all love you! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Today, my husband has an appointment with our tax consultant i knew that he should have done this way ahead of time but due to some circumstances he is doing it late but it's better than never.


There are free websites that he can use such as turbo tax and many more but he prefers to pay a tax consultant as they know better and we are getting more refund. We had been using her service and were satisfied with the amounts that were receiving after all.

H and R block is what we use and they are competitive and fast in service and very helpful in every ways. My husband wants to come home first to pick us up but i told him to just go ahead as it is not a good idea to be wasteful in gasoline.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Jaded

Yesterday, was one of those boring days so the family decided to go for ATV ride up to the wooded area. We spent two hours or more wandering the woods included the break time and the picking up pinecones.

Back home at three o'clock in the afternoon stayed for a while and headed to the house. Hour later, husband asked if i want to eat something as he is going to make some sandwich. We ate and considered it as snacks our daughter had some too then we took a nap it was around five o'clock in the afternoon.

I got up as i was not comfortable anymore being two big adults sharing the couch plus our daughter on my tummy sleeping. Took our daughter to her bedroom and put her down as i slept next to her too. Seven o'clock our daughter got up and went to the kitchen and was talking to her daddy i was awaken to her noise but still on the bed was really tired and just do not want to do anything but stayed on the bed.

Daddy and daughter talked for ten to 15 minutes and i heard my husband telling our daughter to go back to her bedroom as daddy is going back to bed. Here comes our daughter went back to bed sleeping next to me. We did not eat for DINNER! Were talking of baking the pizza but we just missed. The family was just totally JADED after all the rides! It was such a total strange that for the first time we did not eat dinner and we still slept really good.