Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Child Gets Plastic Surgery

As a parent, how far are you willing to go to save your daughter or son from bullies? A seven year old girl gets a plastic surgery. The parents decided that getting both ear a plastic surgery is the only way to save their daughter from being teased by the bullies. I was surprised when i heard about bullies. I came from Philippines and i went to school from Elementary, High School and completed College but never been seen any rough and so devilish bullies like being reported here.

As a parent i would do the same action if getting surgery is the only option left  to save my daughter and make her acceptable in the society i will. I want my daughter to be safe, happy and have friends and be social. The only thing that made me disagreed was the age of the said girl she is only seven years old. The girl had big ears and very noticeable.

Bullies are everywhere and a growing problem in the USA. So sad to knew that their victims would willing to end their precious lives by shooting themselves, jumping from high building, overdosing themselves just to die and to stop their miseries. Unbelievable, nothing was been reported in Philippines that somebody committed a suicide because he or she was been bullied. There was a local report in our area here in USA that a 14 year old girl was bullied by her three classmates. They, pushes her and almost hit by a car. The said incident was captured in video and those bullies where proud of what they did. Good thing they were not that smart because of the said video they were caught and pressed some charges against them.

Nerd or geek people does exist unfortunately they could not keep up with the fast pace changes in the fashion world. They are the most victims of the bullies. Nobody's perfect but bullies are so judge mental instead of being kind and thankful because they are lucky that they do not look funny or not geek but no, because they want to belittle other people.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Saving Women Lives

Happy to read this article that France is joining forces with Sweden, Norway and Iceland in imposing jail time for clients who are engaging themselves to prostitutes and buying their services. This way women will  be protected and human trafficking will diminish. There are evil people who uses women and sell them in prostitution. Many women has been kidnapped and put into prostitution against their will.

This problem is growing because there are people who are supporting this act and those people are called clients. This will be the beginning of a drastic moral changes in women. Number of people have AIDS will decrease as who will like to be caught and be put in jail?

All countries should follow and implement this law to save the women dignities, pride and health. Prostitution, is every where and a life and death situation it is not a safe world. The saddest thing is that majority of the women are working in prostitution because they were kidnap. I saw a movie entitled taken last year and these two teenage girls were friends. No friends in France they arrived in the airport there was this person acting friendly only to know that they would be kidnapped and be put in prostitution. Scary, is not it?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turning Into A Barber

I was always curious and i enjoyed those hair dresser designing hair and cutting hair too. I wonder how they can make it almost perfect especially those barbers it is so tricky to watch and very hard as you have to make it sure that your customer leave your salon or barber shop happy and satisfied with your service. My mom when she was in her teenage years she told me that she enrolled herself to a particular school and studied hair styling, hair cutting , manicure and pedicure.

I remember myself giving my mom and aunties a free manicure and pedicure and sometimes they paid me. I was not a professional i only learn by observing those professional people doing their manicure and pedicure. Since i was really curious and want to learn how to cut hair i started cutting my brother's hair and for him to say yes to my experiment i bribe him by giving him some of my money. This was back when we were in Elementary. He would agree and was really funny as i does not know how to make it look symmetrical both sides. When my mom sees it she fix my brother's hair for me to save my brother from getting mocked.

Time flown so fast that times came and i am married and came to live her in the USA. My husband and i went to a grocery store where they also have a salon that cut hair for men and women. He got a hair cut and i was not satisfied with the result. It was a very unsatisfying service. I knew i am not professional never gone to school for the said profession but i knew myself that i could do better than the hairdresser. From there, i told my husband that i will be his barber.

Lucky that i have to do only the sides and the back as we have this electric haircutting system. It came with different length or inches according to your preferred length. It was like you are combing the hair. My husband always have a military hair style. Short and his hair grows so fast!

Yesterday, he asked if i could cut his hair. I did cut his hair and this is how it looks like.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Know Your Financial Status

Lifestyle here in USA is very different. I came from Philippines. Filipino people like to use cash as it was been the practice for so many years. As the time is getting more liberated credit card and debit card was introduce and the benefits of having one.

I never had a credit card in Philippines. When i got here in the USA i was curious hearing peoples of looking for places that give their free credit score report and i was asking my husband about it. Why knowing your credit score is so important? My husband explained as i had no idea and never heard of credit report in Philippines.

People buried in debt are mostly no idea of how to apply the money management to their financial account. There are people where you can ask for advises on how to manage your money and make it grow the best and secure way you can go to firms or go online for ideas.

Dinner At Pizza Buffet Restaurant

My husband left the house around two o'clock for some important thing. He went to his buddy's auto shop to return something. I knew that he would be late when he gets home because of all the talking and everything, man world.

He came home around five o'clock and i did not thawed anything and whenever i thaw something i place it in a dish and made it visible put in one of our sink. Today, i did not do it because the pork does not need to be thawed and it is in the fridge. He did not ask anything for dinner. I was on the phone talking to my friend and all the sudden my husband asked our daughter if  she wants to go to pizza buffet restaurant. Mommy likes and so as our daughter.

It was drizzling when we left the house and as we were driving the rain was getting heavier. Finally, we reached the destination and the rain calmed down. We did not get wet as we do not like to bring umbrella. Half way of eating in the pizza buffet restaurant  i saw a bus parked right at the front of the pizza buffet restaurant. I saw the bus peoples going inside the pizza buffet restaurant and there was a long line from them. They were students. The pizza buffet restaurant were out of some kind of pizzas as it was still in the oven baking. The rest of the customers were waiting with their empty plate though salads available.

Were done and time to go home and it was raining outside. My husband has to walked to the parking lot where we the pick up truck was park and we just waited outside the pizza buffet restaurant. He came and we hop in. Believe it or not i was not really into pizzas i had some slices of different flavors but i was crazy with their vegetable salads i had the two rounds of plates. I was craving for it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping For New Patio Set

Having four seasons in one year is so exciting and fun. I considered myself lucky given a privilege to live in the USA. Back home in Philippines, we have a tropical climate where you can enjoy sun all year long. Rarely, we change our home decoration or interior design as it does not require often arrangement according to the season.

Spring is finally here and it means spring cleaning begins and i did some closet makes over and cleaning here and there. This year, i am planning of buying a new set of patio that i can place in one of  our yard. I did some shopping and had been to some physical stores for patio set but nothing i see interesting yet. I want to look for more varieties of colors, sizes, styles, designs and hunting for more affordable prices that i can fit to my budget.

Presentable, classy style and comfortable patio set is what i was looking for. Gone online stores, visited some websites, did a lot of browsing and i saw this special website that specialized in patio items and sets. They have all the styles, colors, sizes  and styles that i want. Wide choices which are very good for all the patio customers. The said website really caught my attention and interest.

As a house owner, one of my goal is to make my house presentable, comfortable to all my guest and visitors and stylish, unique and updated every year. My patio needs to be updated every year. I always change my patio set often.  It is important for me that my designs are always up to date not outdated and always fit to the season.

Danger In Craigslist

I heard about Craigslist before from whom are finding good deals used to new items and almost everything just like the other known online website. Never gone to Craigslist website even though a family member was been buying and getting good deals from them.

Last year, a first Craigslist killer was reported from killing the escorts women that he had met through Craigslist. He was a fine looking college student and brilliant. He was engaged and dreaming to be a Doctor someday he was studying in a medical school.

Gambling addiction whatever triggers him in killing his victims from Craigslist was unknown. He might be a psycho who was enjoying the begging and torturing to his victims who really knows. What shocks me was that Craigslist running some kind of prostitution. Yes, they call themselves escorts but they go beyond to the name description whenever they are with their client.

Another, astounding discovery from Long Island, New York in a secluded beach area. I was been hearing this shocking news the discoveries of eight victims skulls and bones started last year in December and yesterday the police found another two additional skulls from human. No evidence could be traced from the killer nor from any of the victim. Some theories are saying that the killer may be a police. The killer knows is very sophisticated of doing his acts without leaving any evidence.

He may be in military, he may be a retired or current police officer. This killer knew the law enforcement procedures and techniques.
  All his victims were in their 20's and all from Craigslist again! How scary is that? He indeed, use the cell phone of his victim to call the victim's sister and told the sister about what her sister was really doing. Many lives of women will be in danger if Craigslist will continue this escort thing on their website. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Versatile Spouse

Yesterday was a beautiful day. My husband clean out the sludge, removed the soaked dried leaves and drained off the stagnant water in each gutters that we have located each corner of the house. He went to Lowes to get more stuff and finally the gutter cleaning was done today. I helped him out by holding the screws, holding the thing that connects to the gutter just to put a little pressure as he was on top of the ladder screwing back the aluminum thing to the gutter. Cut off some roots that grew across this long, fat, stretchable tube. It was a teamwork though he did performed the major jobs. Now, we have a clean, dirt free gutter!

The  Honda ATV was a such a big help as my husband was driving it  to pull  the big, long  worm looking tubes out that was buried in the soil been there for many years. I am one lucky wife married to a versatile husband. He can do many things. Since i was married to him we hardly call any help from the outside like paying for a particular service. Septic tank is complicated and such a dirty job. We hire and call a service man for that. Electrics and wiring my husband is capable of fixing some minor problem and to install some minor wiring around the house and in the garage. His expertise, to fix cars. We have no problem when it comes changing oil, filters, tires, putting new brake lines and brake pads, and putting new windshields and many more.

He mows our lawn, he does many things only not the cooking. Thankful that he got the Honda ATV Rancher as it works best in the yard work and going to the woody forest. His Honda ATV really works hard and never break down since he bought it. Anyway, he always buy Honda when it comes to his ATV. The Honda ATV Rancher is actually his third or fourth ATV. 

eBay Appreciation

Special e-mail from eBay that i received this morning when i checked my yahoo. They send e-mail for every updates. I was really surprise when i got this e-mail very encouraging and made me special. I am not 100% active in selling things on eBay. Not a power seller like the rest. All sellers goal is to achieve FIVE STARS. For me, i do what i can do. I am honest to my descriptions towards my items. I ship fast whenever it is possible after the payment is received.


Your customers think you are GREAT!

Congrats, you got 4.96 (out of 5) stars  

I am very thankful to all my buyers who left a positive feedbacks and for being honest. They made this possible. I knew that it is hard to please everybody but i guess i did my part and i did very good towards all my buyers as i reached the almost perfect score FIVE STARS. Every seller's dream. Grateful that i do not need to go extreme just to get this score that rated and given by my buyers.

Selling things on eBay is a great way of getting some of your money back and also you can meet great people. Happy that i am one of eBay's seller and i am  planning of turning myself active in selling and eBay sharpen my ability of being a savvy shopper. Great items, great prices. Just bid and be smart when you shop.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pre K And Workbook Activity

Our daughter will turn four few months from now. She knows the basic lesson that a typical Pre K student has to learn. As a mother i want to teach her everything. My goal is to have her learn to write her name and be familiar with it before she can start her school year. Early learnings will surely benefits her. She is very good in interacting and listening and can easily follow instructions. I let her watched Television shows that are educational and she learns so many helpful and useful lessons from them.

Counting numbers is one thing that she learned though she cannot count until 20 but it takes awhile and we are just taking baby step. Different colors and shapes is not a problem. Recognizing alphabets and to spell a word is a piece of cake to her. She is doing very well. A fast learner and a good listener.

My focus now is to teach her how to write her name. She has a long character in her name. We bought her a Pre K work book that has a lesson for a Pre K students and a primary journal that has lines to guide her to write her name and to follow the proper lines. At the store she did not show any interest to the stuff that we got from  her. There were colorful and cute stickers for bonus in the workbook that we bought for her and she saw them and she likes. She flips the work book's page and saw interesting pictures. She recognizes them and cannot wait to start the activities that she has in her work book.