Monday, April 18, 2011

Count Down For Royal Wedding

This month is when Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming wedding. I heard and see the updates in the early news. I watched news every morning because of my husband. Another royal wedding that the whole world can see. This is going to be the most beautiful wedding in the world. I cannot wait to see it. They are a perfect match too bad Prince William's mother Princess Diana is not living anymore to witness her first born son Prince William's wedding and to meet her daughter - in - law Kate Middleton.

Big day in London will arrives this month and will not be long. I bet everybody who lives in London is excited for the upcoming wedding of their Prince William and soon to be wife Kate Middleton. It will be a good idea if London will declares this as a holiday, what you think? That will be good. People of London will surely like it. Really, excited to see the royal bride with in her wedding gown.

Wedding is every woman's dream. It is such a sacred thing regardless how big or small the wedding and how many guests you have. Wedding day is a woman's big day and even the groom it is also his big day but i would say more of the woman. I was there before. I felt all the pressures, stress, excitement, nervousness and headaches. I had the myriad emotions. Thankful that on my big day i did not made any mistakes specially when  you have to deliver a message or something in front of the crowd. It was a memorable wedding and could not be forgotten for the rest of my life.


Melanie said...

following on both from Kate n' Kaboodle! Thanks!