Friday, May 21, 2010

Short Trip

I decided to go for a short cruising to a park and a place where people can do their thing such as fishing, boating, swimming and other. It is  a popular place not too far from where we live but something requires a vehicle to get there from our house.

I am not license to drive by myself despite of having my own permit i am required to have someone who is professional by my side when i am driving. Got bored, husband is at work so i took the chance or risk you may called it. Grab the car key, start the car and took off. At this point, there were only few people that were present when we got there as it is not officially summer yet.

Saw some kids driving their bikes, other are just doing their walking exercise. We stop and park the car for a while. Was not comfortable as there were workers and rangers doing rounds checking the whole area back and forth for safety reasons and was kind of  worried because i do not  have my driver's license yet. Did not stayed for long, took some pictures and we left.

Next time, were going back to the park with my husband so that we can stay longer and enjoy the views, trees and just the whole place. Perfect for our daughter as her little get away.