Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out for Dinner

The family went out for dinner last night as i forgot to thawed anything and the fact that i was tired and feeling lazy of cooking our dinner. Early on i told my daughter that we are going to a pizza place where they have a buffet my daughter was excited. 
My husband finally home and i told him about my plan and told him that i am buying our dinner he relaxed for a while and we left. It was late around 6:40 p.m. and back home at 8:40 p.m. It was a good meal our daughter enjoyed the environment as there were children too some around her age.

We had endless pizza of many kinds. Chicken noodle soup which i like the most and their famous salad also they have a macaroni with spaghetti sauce and do not forget the drinks. It was worth paying the price as i did not paid that much for the three of us i only spent under $20.

Husband on our way home he asked me why after those years when he was asking me to go to the said pizza place i always refused i replied and said because i do not have that much money and it was the only place that i could afford on my budget. He actually, smiled and knew what i mean. 



Friday, March 4, 2011

Tummy Ache

Our poor daughter was awaken with her tummy aching last night. I heard her crying so i got up and went to her bedroom to attend her needs and she told me that her tummy ache. I do not know what to do as it happened late at night and what really scares me the most was that even a little move she would made she would complaint of pain i had the liniment oil and want to rub some to her tummy but she was scared and ran off to our living room did not mind how dark it was there and i still manage to laughed because of my daughter's reaction toward liniment oil. She is not even half Filipino though Filipino blood runs to her blood stream.

Filipino kids and adults are not scared of liniment oil because it is known of its use towards body pain, gas pain, cramps and other pain.That was really funny of her. We do not have any medication for our daughter's tummy ache she experienced tummy ache before went to the store look for over the counter medication but was no luck. So what i did last night was told her to try to use the bathroom as it might only need to be push out there and she did but nothing came out and we went back to bed and told her that mommy, will tuck her in and would wrapped blanket around her tummy and might helped.

Thank's GOD, it helped and she slept well and did not wake up for any tummy ache. I bet the cucumber pickle, the olive has something to do with it. She is used of eating them before but there were over two months gap that her tummy did not had those pickles and last night we had some. Unfortunately, her tummy found those pickles foreign and did not agree and tummy ache developed. Now, she is playing again and happy as usual. Still as a mom i rub some liniment oil to her tummy this morning i just trick her and it work but it was too late i knew since she told me that her tummy ache was gone already. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Does Not Want Perfume?

Ninety nine percent of men and women likes to have their own scents as their signature and it is neat to smell someone with their cologne or perfume it added to your personality but there are millions and millions of scents to choose from being simple up to a very strong scents that mostly hurt your nostrils when you smelled it.

I was in our bathroom checking for something and opened each drawer and i saw perfume bottles they were old but still not empty and most of them were brand names and noticed that only a quarter was used and others were untouched or not use. My husband friends and sisters they like to give perfume to him as a present for his birthday or Christmas and he kept accepting them though his not crazy with perfumes.

I would say i like perfumes too but i am not crazy of spraying myself with it every day or every time i leave the house for something. Last year, my husband's nephew gave him a perfume for Christmas and it is still untouched and i am positive that this perfume will be stuck and forgotten like the rest of his perfume. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Auto Repair

To own a vehicle no matter what type it is it should always be safe to drive and sometimes unexpected things tend to happen. Vehicles, once they break down it is expensive to be fix. I knew that from the fact because we also drive our own cars and my husband gets upset every time one of our vehicle breaks down as he knew that it will be costly and time consuming to look for dependable and reliable auto repair and for all the drivers who happen to live in Los Angeles and wants to find a better auto repair you can
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There are many different models , names and styles of vehicles and i had seen many drivers driving a Honda civic as Honda is known of providing high quality. If you are operating a Honda civic cars and happen to encountered any problem you can check the
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Innocent Question

Two days ago, i changed our screen saver photo and to begin with it was our daughter's photo by herself and then i decided to change it together with her friends that we met before at the airport.

My three year old daughter saw the photo and she said  mommy, they are my friends talking about those girls in the photo with her. Thought that it was it but before shutting down our computer she asked me how her and her friends can get out from the computer. I looked at her and just chuckled as i never expected her to came up with that question. Innocently asked but she made her own point and i understood and just explain it to her.

People would say if you have a problem and want someone to talk to then little kids are the best remedies because they are so innocent, their thoughts are pure and direct. They do not know how to pretend as they will give you their honest opinion and ideas and they will ask just anything and those are the best part.

My sister- in- law every time she call me on the phone there was never a time that she miss asking me about my daughter's new and cute lines and when i shared to her then she would be laughing and would say she is such a stinker . That is my sister-in-law's famous line. 

I love kids and really enjoyed them as they are so curious in all aspects and though they are only kids but still you can learn things from them so never belittled them.

I miss being a kid when life was easy and simple. No complication as you have no husband and kids to worry and cared about all you have to mind is your friends and games that you are going to play the next day or so.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Her Colorful Caterpillar

Our daughter is a toy collector but she is more in stuff toys no matter what. Every time we go to places and she will see toys she would really stop and get stuck and would ask if we can buy her one or two and usually we can buy her depending to the prices.

One time, we went to this place and she saw a little boy in the cart sitting with this red stuff lady bug toy and my daughter was pointing to it. Fortunately, the boy's mom was not interested to the said toy and she tricked her boy and left the lady bug toy. So, i went there and checked the lady bug's price and it was surprisingly affordable with the color, design, width and length.

My daughter and i went from aisle to aisle to look for more of that ladybug and luckily we found them. Surprise there were many of different designs to chose from. You will go crazy with those toys as in like we want to get them all.

There were frogs, ladybugs, heart pillows, dogs, bears, caterpillars and many to mention that my memory could not remember anymore. We got the multi colored caterpillar and showed to my husband and told him the price and even him was amazed for it was only $10 he said that it was not bad it was a good price, indeed. 

Our daughter loves animal she likes to pet them and since we cannot have live animals in the house she was still able to show her love and care through stuff toy animal. Is not this caterpillar adorable. This is soft and perfect to snuggle. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Leopard Print Slippers

I love seeing people wearing leopard prints apparel from anything to biggest down to smallest things. Every time i am online checking my e-bay stuff listed items i always ended checking and searching for outfits for my daughter and i noticed that clothes with leopard prints they are kind expensive and i understand why.

I am so attractive to it. I actually bought some clothes and coats that has the leopard prints for my daughter and she looks so darling and so adorable with it. Leopard have its own personality. It is sophisticated and is fashionable too in every way.

My slipper was broken and so i need a new one cannot walk in the house without wearing slipper. Our living room and bedrooms were carpeted so it is warm but the kitchen is not so my feet will still get cold that is why i want to wear slipper in the house and it became a part of me too.

I was looking for a slipper and there were different colors and design but the one that really caught my attention was the one that has the leopard prints it was a bargain they had it 50 percent off i believe so i grabbed a pair for my own and i love it. My feet look like a little leopard, a cub.