Friday, April 22, 2011

Bipolar Disorder

Growing up in Philippines never heard anything such a thing likes Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression. Almost everything here in the USA has a name. The very first time that i heard about bi-polar disorder when Brittany the famous singer was acting out of control, and it was been all over the news. She went to a hair salon to had her hair shaved off.

So, really what is Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression means? What are the symptoms and causes? And what are the treatments? This disorder used to be known as manic depressive disorder or manic depression. It is a serious mental illness, one that can lead to risky behavior a person is characterized by extreme changes in mood from mania to depression between these mood swings, person may experience normal moods.

Manic describes an increasingly restless, energetic, talkative, reckless, powerful, euphoric period. Lavish spending sprees or impulsive risky sex can occur. Then, at some point, this high-flying mood can spiral into something darker - irritation, confusion, anger, feeling trapped.The depressed phases can be equally dangerous: A person may have frequent thoughts of suicide.The change can be very dramatic, with catastrophic results. People can get involved in reckless behavior, spend a lot of money, there may be sexual promiscuity, sexual risks.

This Bipolar disorder does not choose who you are, how rich, poor, prominent or ordinary kind of person you are in the society. There are big names celebrities in entertainment industries coming out in public revealing and telling the public that they are also suffering the same disorder.The first step in tackling the problem is to see a psychiatrist. It is either bipolar disorder or another mood-related problem, effective treatments are available. What is most important is that you recognize the problem, and start looking for help.