Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Child Gets Plastic Surgery

As a parent, how far are you willing to go to save your daughter or son from bullies? A seven year old girl gets a plastic surgery. The parents decided that getting both ear a plastic surgery is the only way to save their daughter from being teased by the bullies. I was surprised when i heard about bullies. I came from Philippines and i went to school from Elementary, High School and completed College but never been seen any rough and so devilish bullies like being reported here.

As a parent i would do the same action if getting surgery is the only option left  to save my daughter and make her acceptable in the society i will. I want my daughter to be safe, happy and have friends and be social. The only thing that made me disagreed was the age of the said girl she is only seven years old. The girl had big ears and very noticeable.

Bullies are everywhere and a growing problem in the USA. So sad to knew that their victims would willing to end their precious lives by shooting themselves, jumping from high building, overdosing themselves just to die and to stop their miseries. Unbelievable, nothing was been reported in Philippines that somebody committed a suicide because he or she was been bullied. There was a local report in our area here in USA that a 14 year old girl was bullied by her three classmates. They, pushes her and almost hit by a car. The said incident was captured in video and those bullies where proud of what they did. Good thing they were not that smart because of the said video they were caught and pressed some charges against them.

Nerd or geek people does exist unfortunately they could not keep up with the fast pace changes in the fashion world. They are the most victims of the bullies. Nobody's perfect but bullies are so judge mental instead of being kind and thankful because they are lucky that they do not look funny or not geek but no, because they want to belittle other people.