Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Baby's Appointment

There was a message left on the telephone and it was for our son's appointment. He will be two months old on the 13th, next week. I am very happy that he is getting bigger and proud of him being so healthy. I am not really looking forward for his appointment because he will  get three (3) vaccines. I pray that he will not be in so much pain. He is only two (2) months old and I would say, I am a full grown adult but still scared of needle. How much more my two months old to be son? If only I am allow to have those needles penetrated on my skin just to save my son from pain I would be so happy.

I hate the feeling of seeing and hearing my kids crying because they are being hurt or in pain. I knew it is for his own good and he is not alone. I hope that he will not be in pain that much. Three shots are just too much I guess in my own opinion. His appointment will be on Tuesday I hope that whoever wills administer the shots will be very careful.

Debt Free with Paying Paul

I could not believe the number of people having the credit cards. Indeed, credit card is very important as long as the person knows how to use it responsibly. It is a card that can be use in emergency cases not for just shopping and for traveling for nothing. That is money that a person has to pay at the end with interest. If not been paid for the said month the interest will keep growing. Sadly, majority of the credit card holders are abusing their credit cards. Using their cards in not important matter. Shopping without limit. Others, are ridiculously using their credit cards to pay even the item or food worth a dollar something. Is it not crazy?

There are many people who are struggling in paying their credit card bills. It is not easy when the principal and the interest keep adding up. Credit cards are not given for free. They are there to use and to be pay after. For people who are in the situation of how to pay off debt they can contact or turn to paying Paul for help in solving and settling their credit card issue. Free consultation is offered. They have the website to visit for better understanding about their services.

Easter Egg Hunting

As a mother I want all the best thing for my kids. I remembered a year ago when I received an invitation in the mail about the community Easter Egg Hunting which I ignored at that time because my daughter was still little. I knew that she would not enjoy the said event. 

This year, I was expecting to receive an invitation in the mail again but unfortunately there was none. Easter Sunday is approaching and I heard people talking about Easter Egg Hunting and how fun it was. I search online and found some places. One place was a bit far from where we live but it is  a big event with ages from 2 - 9 years old. 

I told my husband about it, and he does not want to go because it was far. I insisted for us to go, for our daughter's sake. I want her to be expose, interact and be with a big event. At the end, he agreed. We went to the said place and oh, what a fun! There were so many people and kids. Our daughter was so happy. Plus she got a chanced of posing with the Bunny Mascot. Her basket was half way full of eggs. She did really good.