Monday, September 13, 2010

Her DQ Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Full of colors and pretty balloons. She actually, demanded a Dora cake but we have to order it in advance. We went to dairy queen on her birthday and just chose what they had in the displayed there was a Dora cake but size would not be enough for everybody it was small. Though we did not get the Dora cake still she ate some of this cake and enjoyed. 

Her 3rd Birthday

Sitting on her picnic table whiles waiting the guests to arrive. Our daughter celebrated her third birthday in July 31st i forgot to post a picture from her birthday its been awhile now that i have not updated this blog, lazy me again.

Anyway, we had a great celebration and it was fun! Cakes, ice cream, spaghetti represents for life longevity Filipino believes. And other food to made the guests stomach full.

She is three and cannot be denied that she is growing more and more each day and her infancy was gone, part of history  but yet will be treasured and will be remembered like it only happened yesterday. Mommy and daddy are getting older and so our little princess.