Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Candies

I was not expected from my husband to be home early yesterday. Glad i was quick and did turned the computer off before he knocks on the door. I knew he does not get mad of me being on the computer but for sure he would be surprised if he will see me still using the computer evens late in the afternoon. My husband knows i have the whole day access to our computer since i am a stay at home mom.

He came home and after five minutes he told our daughter to take a nap. I replied, and said it is not good for her to take her nap late in the afternoon. So, he revealed his secret and said he could not sneak out the candies in our house because our daughter is awake and the Easter bunny candies are waiting in the car. Too bad, no choice but to let those Easter bunny candies sleep over night in the car.

Then, there was a TV commercial featuring about Easter bunny candies, different flavors and shapes. Our daughter saw them and said, Daddy can i have some Easter bunny candies? My husband answered, yes honey! Easter bunny will come tomorrow which is Saturday at night to give you the Easter bunny candies. So our girl was very happy.

Later, she was being a kid. She was being bad doing things her way. Did not listened to her Mommy and Daddy. So, we told her that if she does not want to listened to her parents then Easter bunny will not come to give her candies. She walked away from us, went to the kitchen all be herself and was so quiet. She was emoting. It happened three times last night. My husband came to her carried and kissed her and i did too at some other time. Our daughter will be turning four soon and she is getting so sensitive.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bedroom And Bedding

As a mother and a wife i always make it sure that our house is presentable to all our guest and visitors. My house is one of my pride. I want it to be comfortable, cozy and beautiful to the family, relatives and friends. Every time i get a call from anybody that wants to visit us i turned paranoid as i want to see no dirt, dust or any webs. I sprayed to make the house smell good.

We have the three big bedrooms and i change the bedding, the pillowcases many times. I like setting a theme in our bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Anywhere in the house i like to decorate them and always updated them. Buying bedding and bedroom accessories are expensive. What i do is hunt for bargains that way i can save big bucks!

When it comes to our bedrooms too i like to put antique looking items. It makes me feel so cozy, quiet and it takes me to before's generation and times. I went to physical stores saw something but they are expensive and not really what i wanted. I am going to search online and i believe there are many stores or places online where i can find good prices with unique designs and different sizes that will suite to my style.

Bipolar Disorder

Growing up in Philippines never heard anything such a thing likes Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression. Almost everything here in the USA has a name. The very first time that i heard about bi-polar disorder when Brittany the famous singer was acting out of control, and it was been all over the news. She went to a hair salon to had her hair shaved off.

So, really what is Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression means? What are the symptoms and causes? And what are the treatments? This disorder used to be known as manic depressive disorder or manic depression. It is a serious mental illness, one that can lead to risky behavior a person is characterized by extreme changes in mood from mania to depression between these mood swings, person may experience normal moods.

Manic describes an increasingly restless, energetic, talkative, reckless, powerful, euphoric period. Lavish spending sprees or impulsive risky sex can occur. Then, at some point, this high-flying mood can spiral into something darker - irritation, confusion, anger, feeling trapped.The depressed phases can be equally dangerous: A person may have frequent thoughts of suicide.The change can be very dramatic, with catastrophic results. People can get involved in reckless behavior, spend a lot of money, there may be sexual promiscuity, sexual risks.

This Bipolar disorder does not choose who you are, how rich, poor, prominent or ordinary kind of person you are in the society. There are big names celebrities in entertainment industries coming out in public revealing and telling the public that they are also suffering the same disorder.The first step in tackling the problem is to see a psychiatrist. It is either bipolar disorder or another mood-related problem, effective treatments are available. What is most important is that you recognize the problem, and start looking for help. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Air Traffic Controllers Responsibilities

How worried and safety are you every time you get in the airplane? For me, is come what may as i could not say if the flight will be safe or not. I trust the LORD and the pilot of the airplane. Had been to Philippines in December of lasts year and our route from New York to Japan for a grueling 12 hours doing sitting and eating all the time. It did happened again on our way back home we experienced another 12 hours of grueling flight from Japan to New York.

Things happen unexpectedly and being in the airplane as a passenger is not easy you cannot see down under windows are close and you are up in the air for thousands and thousands of miles from the ground. Pilots and Air traffic Controllers they communicate to make the landings safety or the route safety of the airplanes. Working at night is not fun at all. My husband was been working at night shift before and he did not like it so he quit his job.

To work night shift makes you sleepy. Have to keep drinking coffee to keep you awake or eat anything, drink vitamins or energy drinks to keep you awake. There were reports about Air Traffic Controllers being in trouble. Majority of the reports about  Air Traffic Controllers was falling asleep while on duties. Thousands or hundreds of lives of airplane passengers relied to them because they are responsible of telling the Pilot where and when to land or takes the airplane off safely. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Business Rating Matters

Today's world there are so many businesses all over from smallest to biggest companies. Other represents their business as so promising and very interesting but on the other hand how can we be sure that it is legal and is safe and honest to use.

Our economy is recovering after we hit the bad recession and still in the process of stabilizing our government, businesses and job employment. Due to bad recession that we had scammers were popping out everywhere and would claimed their businesses that would appealed and cheats those who are interested.

Nothing to worry now, as there is a website that we can visit called and check those reputable businesses and be safe. This is very helpful for all the consumers, buyers and for everybody who wants to know the history or background of a specific establishment. The website shows the ratings and details of the said business from different categories. How great is that? Feel free to visit them and enjoy browsing and checking their website.

Veterans Affairs

My husband was in the military service before for ten years or so. I was thankful from that situation because if not we would not met. Things happened for a reason and i am a strong believer of this saying. When i met him, he was already working as a Manager in an automotive business. Being in the military service before he received a benefits from Veteran Affairs and he received two doctor's appointment every year. Therefore, he has an appointment every six months.

His appointment lasts week was about blood test. He went back yesterday to get the result and he said everything was fine. Indeed, the doctor advises him to stop taking his medication for his blood pressure. I am so happy when i heard it. His blood sugar is fine, his good cholesterol is fine and doing good. The bad cholesterol is a little problem and the doctor told him to slow down in eating eggs as egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. Overall, it was a good result and my husband is healthy. Health is what matter most.

Though, he does not need a health insurance as Veteran Affair covers him but his family is not. My daughter needs health insurance and so am i. Health insurance is so expensive but necessary for a growing family. Everybody needs to have the one. It is so unpredictable about when you are going to get sick and be hospitalized. I am lucky to belong in a country where health insurance and other insurances such as car insurance, house insurance does really matter. All companies have the health insurance benefits for their employees although employees paying for it but in a way that some companies make it compulsory and i strongly agree.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ford Employment

Finding a good job with a good benefits are very hard to find. My husband had a well paid job in automotive industries but time came and he decided to leave his good job. I guess, he had enough of being a Manager and tired of supervising people and wants a new and something different. Had to sacrifice some things. Landed some jobs here and there but he did not stayed longer than expected.

It is very hard to apply and get qualified to a high paid jobs from big companies. If you are not a College graduate. The more education you have the more opportunities your ways. Graduating from college was not in the book of people from 1960 up to people born in 1980's i would say so. Graduating from high school is enough for other people as jobs before was not as hard as today's.

Still grateful at all. I would say from last year until early this year we had been through a lot of financial crisis. GOD is still good. He saves us and gave my husband a job. A job from Ford. This is not a small company. He told me that Ford has the good benefits. They have the health insurance, retirement and bonus every end of the month according to how much time you have worked. I was relieved and thankful for this opportunity. We need a retirement benefit and health insurance as it is very expensive when you do not have a health insurance.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Count Down For Royal Wedding

This month is when Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming wedding. I heard and see the updates in the early news. I watched news every morning because of my husband. Another royal wedding that the whole world can see. This is going to be the most beautiful wedding in the world. I cannot wait to see it. They are a perfect match too bad Prince William's mother Princess Diana is not living anymore to witness her first born son Prince William's wedding and to meet her daughter - in - law Kate Middleton.

Big day in London will arrives this month and will not be long. I bet everybody who lives in London is excited for the upcoming wedding of their Prince William and soon to be wife Kate Middleton. It will be a good idea if London will declares this as a holiday, what you think? That will be good. People of London will surely like it. Really, excited to see the royal bride with in her wedding gown.

Wedding is every woman's dream. It is such a sacred thing regardless how big or small the wedding and how many guests you have. Wedding day is a woman's big day and even the groom it is also his big day but i would say more of the woman. I was there before. I felt all the pressures, stress, excitement, nervousness and headaches. I had the myriad emotions. Thankful that on my big day i did not made any mistakes specially when  you have to deliver a message or something in front of the crowd. It was a memorable wedding and could not be forgotten for the rest of my life.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knowing The Food Code

Do you really care learning about the codes meaning towards the foods that you are buying? I am so freak about the expiration date of the food as i always check the bottom or part or to where i can find the expiration date. I heard somewhere that when the food expired it does not mean it could kill you eat it  a day or two after the said expiration date. I am not a risk taker i want to be safety all the time.

I noticed that food you can see and read different codes such as sell by date, used by date and expiration date. Confusing is not it or who cares as people generally only cares about the expiration date. It is important that we know and have the  knowledge about what those codes mean.I shared what i learn from a reputable resources.

The sell by date means to the last day a retailer can display a product for sale. Typically, a food is safe to eat for ten days after the Sell by Date if refrigerated properly. The used by date means refers to the last day a product will maintain its optimum freshness, flavor, and texture. Beyond this date, the product begins to deteriorate although it is still edible. And the expiration date means what it says - if you have not used a product by this date, toss it.

I am so careful from my experienced when i bought this gallon of juice being confident that the people working to the said grocery store are checking their foods, meat and drinks all the time. When i got home i think of checking the expiration date and it was unfortunately, expired i went back to the store with my receipt for my refund. It was not all about the money but to let them knew that their customers do really look at the expiration date.