Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Again

Weekends means family time again bonding 24 hours of fun and adventures. Were going for grocery shopping early this morning so that we will be done and be back home early too. Were going to go for a ATV rides this afternoon explores the woods up in our area. Hope to see a lot of deer, birds and other interesting creatures.

Our ATV Honda will surely get filthy up there since surroundings wet and hope not sloppy. We always have the fun riding our Honda ATV it is very dependable and reliable. Husband always make it sure that all tires are aired up exactly as needed. Cannot wait. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Assorted Cookies

One Saturday, we were out grocery shopping it became a habit or part in my list the baking stuff as my husband has a sweet tooth he likes to have sweets after eating dinner every night.

Honestly, i am only human and part of being human we were not always in the mood of doing things. We get tired and bored. I believe in the sayings that home bake and home cook foods are more tasty and more yummier than those foods that were bought cook already.

I noticed there were people in a particular aisle and they were picking up cookies, brownies and cakes from the shelf and those had low  prices.

The said people left i was curious so i went to check out and i saw the cookies when i lift to check the price to my surprise it was only $.60 for one pound and six ounces cookies with different flavors, shapes and colors. What a DEAL! It was such a good buy! It happened too that there was another fellow and she picked up the same kind of cookies and she said the same thing good buy because it was indeed.

I was happy to saw those cookies and we still have some left as i am not into sweets. Only my daughter and my husband because of those cookies i save time, money and effort from baking. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowy Tuesday

Our very outgoing daughter who loves and enjoying the outdoor activities. She is always on the go like her daddy. She loves to play on the snow makes a snow ball and just everything.

Not afraid of getting so cold and staying longer though she is bundled up but still you will get cold especially when your gloves get wet and your face is over exposed. This was taken on our front porch and she had so much fun. 

Philippine Mangoes

Mangoes, mangoes. Every time we go for grocery shopping i always look for mangoes. I able to adjust my palate when it comes to the mangoes here though the mangoes here were not labeled from USA it would either be coming from Mexico, Cuba, Brazil and other countries. Nothing can bet the taste and sweetness of Philippine mangoes.

When summer comes yellow mangoes are available at the Asian store and each piece is so expensive i did bought some last summer but still it was not as sweet like Philippine mangoes.

The kind of mangoes that i am buying now they look like  apple mango that we called in Philippines which is known of being lack of sweetness or worse tasteless. They still get ripe and i preferred my mangoes to be ripen before eating them. Now, my two mangoes are ripe and ready to be eaten. Surely, one for me and one for my daughter. Husband is not crazy about this kind of fruit. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strangers Can Be Generous

Friday on the 4th of February was the day that we landed at JFK airport and was been safely home to our beloved resident despite of the long hours of being stranded and everything.

Saturday is really our day for grocery shopping and even though we were so tired from that long flight home but were still able to left the house in our routine schedule and every time we go to Walmart our daughter always made an effort to stop first to their arcade where they have rides and games.

She likes this machine that filled up with stuff toys and makes her so excited since her daddy is trying to get the toy out though we failed so many times but there were times too that we got lucky and won some toys out from the said machine but it was not that easy sometimes it is better to buy the toys from the shelves rather than gambling your lucks of getting the toys out from the machine.

My husband knows what to do before he locked our cars door he made it sure that he had some quarters in his pocket and that is what happened our first stop was in the arcade before entering the door i noticed a couple they were there obviously ahead of us as the wife had these stuffs in her arms and the husband was still playing trying to get something out from the machine. I noticed the wife look at us and whispered something to her husband. Her husband turn his head around and look at our daughter.

The wife came to us and asked our daughter if she like  PEBBLES. What a huge pebbles that were really so sweet knowing that pebbles was heavy just the look at her head i am sure the couple had a hard time getting pebbles out from the machine and spent a lot of quarters just by getting pebbles out.

We do not know them and our daughter was bashful at first since they are strangers but the wife really insisted so we got pebbles and we thank them so much. What a great people with a good heart and on the other hand i was teasing my daughter that she was such a lucky girl Santa Claus gave her pebbles. I like it! It was really cute and lovable and i had no idea that pebbles was a character from the FLINT STONES FAMILY. Oh, well could not blame me it was a American series show or whatever i was not born and did not grown up here.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phone Card

Speaking of phone card i am almost running out of minutes. I was saving my 60 minutes left and planning of using it to call my mom in Philippines by the end of the month but due to important reasoned i have to call today. I  use half of the 60 minutes and still be able to call my family in Philippines for 30 minutes.

It is so expensive to renew my phone card it cost us $40 for four hours and this will only last for a month. It is just hard to control myself especially when the talking and the chatting already started. Mom and i talks a lot as in everything under the sun, sky is the limit when it comes to topics to talk with.

Philippines is very far and every call is expensive as it is not a local call. How i wish we could discover a phone card that would be cheaper. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

It is President's day means no work for all government employees today. Sad to say my husband is not one of them he still have to go to work as usual. I cannot put anything too in our mailbox today due to the said holiday since i have eBay stuff that needs shipping label to be printed. Oh, well just better wait until tomorrow when holiday is over. 

Family Time

We bought a new game yesterday it says recommended for ages five and above and good for two to four players. The games consist of sticks, marbles and the tubes.

Heres how to play the game or games rule:

Pick a colored stick and give it a soft tug  with steady nerves, a little skill and a bit of luck, you can keep a lot of marbles from going down.

Our family had a blast of fun yesterday our three year old daughter was so smart and so fun to watched as she would pulled the sticks out the tube without any hesitation we played the game twice both games our daughter won.

It was a good time for our family to bond especially weekends because my husband does not  have to go to work. Playing together makes our family closer and it is really important.

Another new game from Mattel and as usual it is educational and fun to play with. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot And Spicy Pizza

Pizza is always part of our weekend dinner it could be on Saturday or Sunday. Tonight we had a pizza and it was new so husband and i gave it a try as we already tried all  their pizza.

Baked it as instructed looks inviting it was done and ready to eat. I was planning of not having any slice as i was fine not really hungry. Hubby ate one slice and after that he commented that our pizza is hot and spicy and would surely give him a heartburn his stomach is very sensitive to any spicy/hot and too much oil food. He said that one slice is enough for him. Me and our daughter can have the rest of the pizza.

What causes the hotness of our pizza? Well, it has the three different kinds of peppers. The green which does not have a taste neutral i could even eat it raw, the yellow peppers it is sweet not harmful at all but there were presents of red peppers which really was hot plus the hot sauce and spicy pepperoni.

No regrets! Good thing we have foods in our cover and hubby got his own soup and put some crackers that save his dinner and filled him up. Lesson learn is not to buy the same kind of pizza again and read labels and ingredients carefully.