Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Most Pirated Movies In 2011

It is sad to know that there are people who committed of doing such illegal acts like producing fake DVD's/ movies. I know that buying the original movie  or original tape is not cheap but it is not right to produce pirated movies or DVD tapes. This has been a problem all over the world. 

Here are some most pirated movies in year 2011:

1.) Fast Five 2.) Hangover II 3.) Thor

Rehashing The Office Season Premiere With My Mom

Guest post written by Deb Simmons

One of the things that my mom and I both love doing is watching The Office. We kind of discovered it together over a Christmas break when I was at home from college a few years ago. My brother got a few season DVD sets of the show and we marathoned them. Since then I would even say that my mom and I are bigger fans of the show than my mom.

We've kept on watching it faithfully and this summer when we were waiting around for this new season to come around, we both looked online to try and find some good spoilers for the season. While I was online looking up spoilers one of those times, I ran across some info on internet providers. I showed it to my roommates and after that we decided to change over our home internet service to one of the packages on there.

Even though we couldn't be watching the The Office season premiere in the same room together, we kind of did a phone conference call for it. It only seemed appropriate.

Apple IPad 2 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet

Apple IPad 2 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet

I would love to have the one of this but for now it is hard to afford as there are many important things that I need to pay and to buy first. I hope that next year on tax refund, we will receive a great amount of money to buy one of this. This cost under $500.00- and I would say that is a lot of money. Like this product, it receives 5 stars from user reviews. It means it is really good.

Product Description:

Two cameras for Face Time and HD video recording. The dual-core A5 chip. The same 10 hour battery life. All in a thinner, lighter design. It is more even amazing!