Friday, May 18, 2012

A Date on Sunday

My family have not seen my baby boy on a web camera or in personal. My mom really wants to see him. I sent photos of our baby but mom wants to see him online. We already agreed the time and day to chat. This coming Sunday I will be chatting to my family.

I cannot wait to see them. Too bad as they have to go to the net cafe to use a computer. Our desk top was ruined by a typhoon that until now has not been replaced yet. How I wish I could help them to buy a new computer so that they do not need to go to the net cafe to chat with us. Though, net cafe is not that far from where we live but the comfort of using the computer in your own home has a big difference.

Carpet Cleaning Service That You Can Count On.

I am very uncomfortable every time we get the visitors in our house. It does not mean that I do not like or enjoy their companies. My main concern is that our carpets are dirty with tough stains on it. It is not presentable. I do not want our visitors to think that I am irresponsible and not doing my wifely duties and responsibilities. And the fact, the I always have to act defensive to our visitors  by explaining how the carpets gotten dirty and how hard I tried to get rid off the toughest stains and everything.

I told my friend about how frustrated I am on saving our carpets because they were just a couple years old. We cannot afford of buying and installing new carpets.  She told me about the round rock tx carpet cleaners and I checked them out. Yes, they are the people that I need to save our carpets. They are professionals and experts in carpet cleaning.  And, I knew they can remove the tough stains, dirt and all the dust in the carpets. We have the little kids that like to get on the carpeted floors and play. That is why I always want our carpets clean for the safety of my kids.