Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Time

Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

My family loves watching TV together and there are some shows that can get everyone to the table. We recently got SatellitetvFamily at home and we've got more channels now than ever but I tell you what, we still watch some of the game shows on basic cable more than anything else! For example, Jeopardy is really big here since my kids are really smart and like to compete with each other on all the questions.

I also really like for us to watch the news together as a family so we can discuss what's going on my kids are only young teenagers so I want them to come to me with any questions they might have about what's going on in the world. I guess to anyone who says TV isn't good for kids I would tell them to come to my house and watch how interactive it makes family dinners. You couldn't pull us away from the set if you tried and in my opinion, for us that's a really good thing!

What's For Dinner

Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas

I am a mother and a wife. My life is very challenging in many ways. I have a bi-race/ bi-culture family. My husband is white American while I am Asian. Cooking is one of the toughest thing to do. I have to cook two different meals. One for my husband and one for me.

I love American food. The only problem is I am still not used to them for dinner especially. I eat pork, chicken, fish and beef. I believe that I could cook one food for us. I found a delicious looking meal that looks appetizing and tasty. I am going to try it for family's dinner.

What A Messy Room

Our daughter is four years old and she likes to buy and collect toys as like any other kid. As a parents, we buy her toys. We want her to be happy. Toys makes a kid happy. Anyway, it was not only us who buy her toys. She would received toys as a gift from her Aunties and other family members.

She needs a bigger bedroom to accommodate all her toys. She likes to play. I let her play all day long. Toys are everywhere. I clean every late afternoon as it is the best time to clean for me. I am teaching her to be responsible. I asked her to clean up her mess. Gather her toys and put them away where they belong. She refused.

I got irritated. Explaining to here over and over again. I told her why she has to clean up her own mess. She was very hard headed at that time. I told her that she was a bad girl because she does not know how to follow mommy's order. I was surprised to her reply. She told me that she was not a bad girl, she only does not want to clean up. What a brainer! She is really smart as she is getting bigger.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Store That Sells Affordable Appliances

I could remember before growing up, watching on a black and white TV. Later, the colored TV was introduced in the market. Technology is kept improving until big screen TV's are created and they are the plasma. Different sizes. The biggest screen the better.  There is Samsung Plasma TV and they are really high quality with  amazing features.

Speakers would not be left behind. The Home Theatre Speakers has been introduced in the market too. People are buying them because of the sound effect. This mimic the sound of being in the movie theatre. How cool is that? Are you planning of upgrading your DVD player? There is a website that I found that sell all these discount electronics. They have the Denon Blu-Ray Player. You can check this website. Amazing products that you will find. It is easy to place your order. You can even create your own account, simply register.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Renovation Projects

Summer is almost over. Fall season will follow. The chilly days and nights will start again. I do not like cold days and nights. Therefore, we have to get our heaters and fireplace ready for the season. There are projects that need to be done to save some electric bill. This is the home renovation projects that can help saving some money.

First: Winterize the Deck

Second: Insulate Exposed Plumbing

Third: Roof Work

Fourth: Upgrade Doors and Windows

Fifth: Interior Painting

Six: The Bottom Line

Follow this and surely you will save money for this early home renovation projects for the upcoming fall to winter.

More Power More Energy

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I heard so many people complaining how stressful their lives are and others are so depress. That is not good in a person's health. Why not try the K6 herbal incense. This is known of helping you to be free of stress and nervous breakdowns. How about spiritual powders? This website will be a great help for you. All natural, organic products, powerful and unique. Visit their website and you will see more choices of their products. Herbal City LLC, sells legal mood enhancing herbal products. Helps people feel well and relax.