Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gymboree Pink Sandal

I really love this pink sandal. I bought it lasts year for our daughter and at that time it was still big for her. Now, is the right time to wear this cute sandal but it does not fit to her feet anymore. She has dresses that will perfectly look great with this sandal on. Love the butterfly design too. The color and the style match together. I could not give this to a friend as her daughter does not wear this size anymore.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Designer Women Handbag

LV Louis Vuitton Monogram Delightful GM 7 Star Replica (Brown)

I saw this handbag and it is very cute. This is called LV Louis Vuitton Monogram Delightful GM 7 Star Replica. Believe it or not, it is very affordable for just under $250. It has the looks of a very popular, signature handbag.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reusable Cigarette

Have you heard about the new cigarette product? I am talking about the electronic cigarette that is new in the market. People have the option now of smoking the real cigarette and smoking the electronic cigarette. The real cigarette is expensive because you have to buy them when you run out. Each package of real cigarette can cost you from four dollars and above depending on what brand name you are buying.

I am glad that this company who are making the electronic cigarettes are using 100% American ingredients. It is good to buy American made products. Buying and patronizing our own product will help the economy to succeed. The makers of the said electronic cigarettes offer free shipping, one year warranty, and a 30 money back guarantee. If you want to buy the electronic cigarette you can visit their website. You will surely like their product, comes with different flavors to choose.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beckham's Baby Name

I read that Victoria Beckham news about she gave birth to their baby girl and everybody was talking about their baby's name. The name of their baby is "Harper Seven" how unique is that name? I heard Harper as a family name but not as a first name. Anyway, they are the parents they want an unique name for their daughter and let them be. I am so happy for them as they finally have a baby girl. It always feel well whenever your dream come true. Love hearing famous people having a big family.

Home Security System

Mom's Help
Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy
My mom likes to stay at the house and take care of the kids while I’m at work which is just fine by me! It’s been so nice having a built-in babysitter and I know the kids love getting to spend more time with their grandmother. How much fun is it that they get to play with each other and one of their family members all day long, everyday? I give her money at the beginning of the week to buy groceries and snacks for everyone and if she ever takes them out anywhere like the movies or to go bowling I just give her money when I get home. I get a little worried sometimes about whether or not mom remembers to lock the doors when she goes out (she’s from a small town) so I went to www.AllHomeSecuritY.COM and had an alarm installed just to be sure since I can’t afford to have the house broken into! I love my mom and really appreciate all the help she gives us!