Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ford Employment

Finding a good job with a good benefits are very hard to find. My husband had a well paid job in automotive industries but time came and he decided to leave his good job. I guess, he had enough of being a Manager and tired of supervising people and wants a new and something different. Had to sacrifice some things. Landed some jobs here and there but he did not stayed longer than expected.

It is very hard to apply and get qualified to a high paid jobs from big companies. If you are not a College graduate. The more education you have the more opportunities your ways. Graduating from college was not in the book of people from 1960 up to people born in 1980's i would say so. Graduating from high school is enough for other people as jobs before was not as hard as today's.

Still grateful at all. I would say from last year until early this year we had been through a lot of financial crisis. GOD is still good. He saves us and gave my husband a job. A job from Ford. This is not a small company. He told me that Ford has the good benefits. They have the health insurance, retirement and bonus every end of the month according to how much time you have worked. I was relieved and thankful for this opportunity. We need a retirement benefit and health insurance as it is very expensive when you do not have a health insurance.