Saturday, May 14, 2011

Business Credit Cards

Are you shopping for a Business Credit Cards or someone that you know in the family? There is a website that can help you and take you every step of the way of how to get a Business Credit Cards. Business owners specially those who operates small businesses need Business Credit Cards to help and support their business financial aside of having their personal credit cards.

There are ways of how to get and be approve effectively in applying for Business Credit Cards if you own a business. If your business has been operating for many years with a good financial record and revenues then you have the highest possibility of being approve in regards with your Business Credit Cards application.

The website that I discovered will not only help you to guide on how to get and apply for Business Credit Cards. It has an everything you need to know and understand about business credit cards, loans and lines. You will find this website very useful and very informative. Check, visit and explore this website as they give ideas about proven ways of getting business credit.

HP Deskjet 3650 Computer Printer

We have our hp desk jet 3650 printer it is not the latest model of computer printer but still working well and in excellent condition. There are many updated models and styles of computer printers in the market online and physical stores. I saw a Kodak printer at Walmart and it was under $100 it is affordable and i like the style and the size and specially the function and uses of it. We both like it but we do not the like the idea of getting rid off our old hp desk jet 3650 computer printer as it is still functioning properly and we are still satisfied and happy with its performance.

For now, we are going to keep using our hp desk jet 3650 computer printer in printing photos and documents whatever needs to be prints. The only problem or disadvantage is that the ink cartridge is expensive. Every time we ran out of the ink we have to buy a new one and the more we print the more we buy ink cartridge. We want to save so we bought ink refill online it was too much of a hassle so we stop buying from them it did happened once as my husband was not satisfied with the result. We go to Walmart and buy ink cartridge for our hp desk jet computer printer every time we need one.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Electronic Cigarette

Smoking cigarettes could be very expensive and harmful to any smokers health targeting their lungs. To smoke regular cigarettes has the disadvantage. You buy it, you smoke and you run out with it and then you have to buy more. Regular cigarettes are stronger  in nicotine and you have to keep buying for it. There is a cigarette that is newly introduced for all smokers to try, and it is the Electronic Cigarettes.

I am happy to hear about this product because i could recommend this to my husband who smokes everyday. He spent too much money in buying regular cigarettes as he does like to smoke and i am worried about his lungs. I want something that is innovative, affordable and worth to smoke for something that he will enjoy. The Electronic Cigarettes that i found is perfect for my husband's need and for sure he can save this way.

The said website sells Electronic cigarettes and offers the undisputed best product on the market and made in USA using 100% American ingredients. Feel free to smoke this electronic cigarette everywhere. This charges the cigarette whiles you are on the go. It has the looks, feel, and tastes like a real cigarette. Free shipping and one year warranty plus 30 day money back guarantee. Try this and see how you will like the product.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Baby Twins World

There was a video that was funny it shows the 18 month old twins talking and they were really talking back and forth. It seems they understood themselves very well.

I have a cousin who are twins. They are girls but they are not identical. For their parents, i guess they are thankful that it happened that way because it looks like you gave birth at two different times. They are close the bond is really there. I believe twins have their own special bond from the very beginning of their journey in their mother's womb until they were born. Bet they were already communicating inside the womb.

I love to see families with twins and triplets but more than that scary! Needs people to help and should be financially secure as it is expensive to raise babies. I love big family but financially unstable.

Salisbury Steak Sandwich

Yesterday before leaving the house for grocery shopping i made sure i had the beef thawed out. Afternoon, came my husband asked if we are going to have a beefs stir fry. I said yes, because it was in my mind. Being a wife is not easy. You are responsible for every meal and you cannot cook the same recipe three times a day or worst the same dish everyday.

We got a frozen Salisbury steak earlier that day and it was quick as you only have to put in the microwave. Cooking time was approaching and let my husband knows that we are going to have the Salisbury steak instead of me cooking the beefs stir fry. He was okay with it. One thing i really like about my husband is that he is not complicated, no many questions and does not like to nag or start an argument.

He put the Salisbury steaks to his sandwich bread with gravy. I never had it before. I mean i had the Salisbury steak but did not had the Salisbury steak sandwiches but last night i did tried and i was a fool of not doing it before. It was so good and i like it. Thank's to my husband's brilliant idea. Now i am his follower.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FRESCHETTA By The Slice Pizza

This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I went for grocery shopping and i bought FRESCHETTA® By the Slice Pizza for our dinner. My family enjoyed the taste of the pizza. The quality is superb, the taste was very fresh, the toppings are just right and has varieties to choose from. The crust is perfect not burned, not dry it was really, really good. We all love the taste of FRESCHETTA By The Slice pizza.

FRESCHETTA By The Slice pizza comes in four different flavors

- BBQ Recipe Chicken

- Vegetable Medley

- Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom

-Six Cheese Medley



We love to eat pizzas it is part of our meal and now, discovering the new  FRESCHETTA® By the Slice Pizza is a Saviour. This is our new favorite pizza. Coming by the slice is a very good idea as my husband can brings it to work for his lunch. This is very convenient and so delicious that no left over was left on the plates. We decided to buy this kind of pizza all the time. I love all the flavors but my favorite is the Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom because i love Spinach and Mushroom and even Chicken such a perfect combination.



I will be hosting a party and i will have a contest and for whoever wins will receive the Giveaways from FRESCHETTA® By the Slice  Pizza

- three (3) piece FRESCHETTA storage set

- one (1) coupon to try new FRESCHETTA By The Slice

You can visit FRESCHETTA By The Slice Pizza on Facebook. Check out and it is so easy to join into any promotion that they have. You only have to go to and click the LIKE button to join or you can also visit FRESCHETTA on Twitter at /#!/FreschettaPizza and SIMPLY FOLLOW them they are giving away a FRESCHETTA each week to one FOLLOWER as a part of their Fresh Tasting Pizza program.

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Dora And Boots Kids Crocs Sandal

Summer is almost here and time for sandals again! Our daughter likes to wear crocs sandals as they are easy to wear, very comfy, light and easy to wash and clean. Lasts year, i bought her four pairs as they were on sale. She outgrown them all. She is wearing size 11 now and it means new sandals. I was looking , browsing online and landed to this website that sells all kinds and styles of crocs sandals and shoes. They have different sizes and fun colors.

Dora is our daughter's favorite character though we are not Spanish nor Mexican but she does like Dora and many kids like Dora and Boots. This will be a perfect gift too for her birthday. She is a summer baby! I bet she will love this crocs sandal as they are perfectly cute and comfortable. She likes pink and purple colors. This is the best. I am glad i found this crocs sandal online.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Paradise Valley Country Club

Our house is not that big and we live in the state where it has the four season. I love summer and enjoy every second of it. I always thinking of buying a house outside the state where we live. Thank's to paradise valley country club as I want a place where it is all summer where i can see the sun shining all year long. My husband does not like a hot and humid climate. Therefore, in our case we need to have a two residence.

I heard about the paradise valley country club  that offers quality, beautiful and well structured houses that are perfectly located in Arizona. This place will makes my dream come true. You can chat with the real estate agent for any concern that you may have about the houses. Check them and you will see the different styles and designs of houses that will fit to your needs and family. I am so delighted that i ran into this website the paradise valley country club. This is truly a paradise for everybody.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Precious Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. To Jessica and Charisse, Happy Mother's Day my dear friends. I hope that your husband will give you something on the said occasion as you deserve it. I am not expecting anything from my husband but going out for dinner tonight will be good enough to celebrate the occasion.As a first time mothers, we conquered everything and facing the obstacles of being alone in this foreign countries. We thought that we are weak but we are wrong. My friends, we are stronger than we thought. Our children are now all growing and I knew how much thankful and lucky they are having a mom likes us.

To my mother, I love you with all my heart. You are always in my mind and you will always be my number one mother forever! We are parted but my thoughts and love is always there for you. Thank you for bringing me to this world and for always there for me no matter what. I take your advises seriously and because of those advises I achieved my dreams. Thank's for all the support that you had been given to me, mom. To my aunties, happy mother's day too!