Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mini Trampoline

Airzone 38" Mini Trampoline
This is the kind of trampoline that our daughter had. My husband bought it for her for lasts year and place it in the living room. This is mini trampoline for her to practice jumping and everything. Now, it does not look like it was use to be because she is very good in jumping and getting heavy at her age. She is four year old. Next year, she is ready for the big trampoline and we are going to buy her this type below:

Sportspower 14' Trampoline and Safety Enclosure with Bonus Flashlight Zone

Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

This post brought to you by Hills Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have a pet like dog or a cat? We have a dog and her name is Betty. She is a very happy dog. She plays with our children and she is very active. We buy her all the best dog food that we knew. We take good care of her . We want her to be healthy all the time. We treat our dog as one of our kids. There are so many pet food products in the market. I am worried if she is getting enough nutrition from the dog food that we are buying for her. I am happy to hear about Hill's Pet Nutrition.


How about you? Have you heard about Hill's pet food? This food is perfect for your cats and dogs. How cool is that to know our pet's condition? You can visit this website and take the mobility challenge for your dog and cat. This is great for all pet owners. You can register and get the chance to receive the $30 Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon. The automatic entry in the Healthy Mobility Challenge sweepstakes will lead to 30 Winners that will receive FREE PET FOOD for a year! How cool is that? Feed your dogs and cats with Hill's Pet Nutrition food. And they will live an active and
healthy life.


Do you want to get more information about Hill’s Science Diet dog food? Sure, you can by visiting their website at There is Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook. You can check their Face book URL at


Our dog 

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Submitting My Blog

I am glad that I have the friends online who are so thoughtful of sharing their ways of earning money online by doing paid reviews. I like to review products, get compensated and more. This is really a great help for me to earn some money by doing online task or opportunities. I am a stay at home mother and making some money is my goal to help my husband pay the bills. I cannot wait to start and receive online task. I am going to do my best to accomplish them on time.

Fur Real Friends Walking Puppy

FurReal Friends Walkin' Puppies, White Spaniel

Our daughter lost her kitty cat stuff toy. She really likes it. She took her kitty wherever we go. She would tell me that she misses her kitty. We went to toys are us store but they do not have the kitty cat. Only available online. I was looking for a kitty cat stuff toy for her to replace that one that she lost. I saw this cute puppy at a very affordable price. I want to surprise her with this. I hope she will likes it too.

Busy Saturday For The Family

My husband does not work Saturday and Sunday. This Weekend is different. He went to work to finish his job so that the car will be release by Monday. I was glad that he did though Saturday is our schedule for grocery shopping. I have the online task that needs to be done. This way I was able to complete my task. I can wait for tomorrow's grocery's shopping. This afternoon, there is a football game on TV. My husband wants to watch it. He really likes to watch football. He is a big fan of the said sport. I am thankful that we still have some food left to cook for dinner tonight. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Safety Your Files With Carbonite

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.


Computer is one of the most important technologies these days. It makes things easier especially when it comes to communication. Sending and sharing pictures, documents and files are made possible through computers. Have you ever think that files and data that has been store in the computer could disappear or crash at anytime? All computers need a back up. Important files and pictures are worth saving. Do not let it happen to your computer files.
Carbonite offer unlimited online backup and it works automatically and consistently in the background backing up files when your computer connects to the internet. Why use Carbonite? It is important to use Carbonite for computer backup. They offer the unlimited access for PC and Mac for $59 a year. You can even try their service for 15 days free. No credit cards required plus two months free if you decide to buy using the offer code BLOGAD. Carbonite is very affordable. Your files, photos, music and more are well protected.
I am so grateful to Carbonite because of their service my files are safe. Carbonite will take all our worries away because it wills securely and automatically backing up the files on our PC or Mac. When you have the Carbonite, you can get access to them anytime, anywhere, from any internet connected device. Offers free mobile apps so you can reach, enjoy and share your files from you iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Blackberry Smartphone. Carbonite has safely recovered over seven billion files that might be lost forever. I am so happy about this software for it helps people to safety their files.
Carbonite Online Backup


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Give Hulsey Environmental Services A Call

This post brought to you by Hulsey Environmental. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have a problem about your grease, wastewater and more? The Hulsey environmental services offer wastewater removal and grease trap pumping services for commercial and industrial Food processing plants and restaurants. You can visit them online. They have their own website where you can contact them and get the quick response, fair pricing and quality service. The Hulsey also offers Wastewater recycling. When the trucks arrive to their facility carrying the organic commercial waste from grease traps or other sources, they pump that material into a holding tank, where any solids or inorganic materials are filtered out.

People need to be aware that it is very important to think of ways of lessening the waste that we are producing and disposing all over the place. Living and breathing healthy is what we want. The Hulsey also have the yellow grease containers that commercial or industrial businesses can get for free. The yellow grease container will collect all the grease and other substance. Grease is harmful to waterways and aquatic life. The Yellow Grease containers come with a steel lid to prevent overflow and contamination. A grease recovery device is a recent development which aims to separate out the grease and water and collect the grease for recycling. The collected substances will then be turn into a bio diesel fuel. This is turning waste into renewable energy. 



Wastewater Hauling


Brown Grease



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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eye Allergy Strikes Again

This year is really bad for my husband's eye. The allergy level is really high and really bad. The first time that it happened was when he was cutting the grass. Went to the emergency room for that and he was been prescribed a drops for his eye. It went well for a couple of months. Yesterday, his eye and very same eye was acting again. He called the Veterans Affair and made an appointment.

We were there before 3:30 p.m. His appointment was at 3:30 p.m. The Doctor said that it was allergy. He was prescribed a medication to take and eye drops. It acted again when he cut the grass. This morning, it was reported that the allergy level this season or this year is really bad. My husband is just one unfortunate victim.It never happened to his before. I am praying for a fast recovery. I hope that the drops and medication will work effectively.

Custom Window Curtains

Our house windows have the unique designs. They were from the old times. I shop for curtains and it is very hard to find the right size and length for our windows. I want to upgrade the bedroom windows by putting curtains. As a wife and a mother, decorating the house is one of my responsibilities. I want our house to be pleasant to my family and visitors. Curtains make the windows beautiful. I was been browsing online and been checking stores at the mall for curtains. I am happy to found this online store that sells valances for windows. I saw different styles of valances, draperies and more. I like them so much.

You can visit and check their website and order for custom curtains for your windows. You will surely be amaze with the wide varieties to choose from. All their curtains will surely give your windows the look that it has never been before. If you are think of ordering a custom draperies this store also makes them. Customized curtains and draperies are beautiful because they really fit and they really balance the design of the bedroom windows or to any windows of the house or offices. Visit them and shop by width, by special fit and shop by installation.

CD And DVD Storage

Sauder Orchard Hills Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Carolina Oak

We have a CD, DVD storage like this one in the photo. It was attached to our entertainment center. It was long time ago when my husband bought it. I want something that is not attached to our entertainment center, a detach DVD or CD storage is what I am looking for. The CD, DVD storage that was attached to our entertainment center is full of Video tapes , my husband's movie collection back then.

Ordering His Check

None of us have the idea about what had happened to my husband's personal check. He was busy this morning paying for bills online and offline. He was ready to write some checks when he asked me about them. I was the keeper and so I was checking for them. I saw the box of his personal check but it was almost empty. Nothing left but the emergency checks.

We both looking at different places and could not find his checks. He decided to call the bank and asked about what was the lasts check that he wrote or used. The bank I believed could not trace it or do not want to discussed it over the phone or I am not really sure the reason. He ended  ordering another checks that will takes seven to ten days business days.

Wear It! Express Style

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are many events that need to attend in a year. There are events that do not need to dress up that much. Other events such as networking, seminars, guest and participants must have to look at their best. The formal attire is necessary. Wearing women suits or men suits is the code of the dress. It is hard to find suits that will fit to a before and after the events. What I love about Express women suit is very versatile. They have many choices. The career suits or business suits can be dress down or dress up. If you are looking for women suits, visit express and you will surely find the one that you want.

Are you looking for trendy, fashionable, modern and upbeat women suits? The Express women business suits or career suits are the types of suits that you can wear at work or after work. Buying the best quality of a suit could be expensive. Express make it possible for you to own a pair of suit. Good news, for a limited time you can enter the Express sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 suiting makeover from Express! Check their website and join. You might be the winner of this lucky Express makeover. You can also like the Express Face book page and get more updates about the events and many more.

Express business suits that you can choose. Please feel free to leave your comment. Share your opinions which suit you prefer to wear at work, job interviews or at networking events. 


Women's Rouched Sleeve Jacket &



Women's Tweed Jacket & Tweed


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Camping Out

Yesterday, the family decided to had a camp out just in our own yard. My husband made a fire. Our daughter help her daddy to look for sticks and woods. It all started from marshmallows and I decided to get some hotdogs plus some pork.

We had the fun cooking all the foods we had. We started before five in the afternoon and we were done around eight o'clock. We did not eat anything for dinner as we were all stuffed up. It was really a great time for us as a family. Little, simple thing but means a so much. Our daughter really had the fun doing her own marshmallows.

Education For A Bright Future

This post brought to you by UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was in College I was a full-time student. I do not have to go out there and work part-time to support my studies. My parents supported me well from the beginning until I finished College. They work so hard and did everything they could for me to succeed. Some of my classmates back then were working so hard just to finish College. Everybody knows how important the education is. The higher education you have the better opportunities will come to your way.


I have my own kids now and I want them to finish school. I know that College is very expensive. As a mother I am willing to do everything to support my children like my parents did to us. How about you? Do you have a dream of fulfilling your kid’s education? The Upromise is celebrating its 10th year Anniversary by giving away $20,000 to users who share a story that tells how a parent has supported a child’s dream. You can visit their website at It is easy to join.


Users can take part in the sweepstakes by submitting a story. And can vote on their favorite stories by “liking” them. Upromise will give away $1,000 to 10 (ten) winners and a grand prize winner for $10,000. For more information about how to join, simply check their dream wall official rules. This is one kind of opportunity. Education is the best gift that we can give to our children. I would be happy to hear from you by leaving your comment.  UPrU

UPromise_Brand_300x250_static.jpg (3 documents)

UPromise_Brand_300x250_static.jpg (3 documents)

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