Monday, September 13, 2010

Her DQ Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Full of colors and pretty balloons. She actually, demanded a Dora cake but we have to order it in advance. We went to dairy queen on her birthday and just chose what they had in the displayed there was a Dora cake but size would not be enough for everybody it was small. Though we did not get the Dora cake still she ate some of this cake and enjoyed. 

Her 3rd Birthday

Sitting on her picnic table whiles waiting the guests to arrive. Our daughter celebrated her third birthday in July 31st i forgot to post a picture from her birthday its been awhile now that i have not updated this blog, lazy me again.

Anyway, we had a great celebration and it was fun! Cakes, ice cream, spaghetti represents for life longevity Filipino believes. And other food to made the guests stomach full.

She is three and cannot be denied that she is growing more and more each day and her infancy was gone, part of history  but yet will be treasured and will be remembered like it only happened yesterday. Mommy and daddy are getting older and so our little princess. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got More Roses This Year


This is the only rose plant that we have previously planted by the first house owner located at the back side of the house.The first three years that i was here this plant would only bore two flowers and as time progress. This year, i was surprised to see that our rose plant has more flowers. Early this summer it had the two flowers, two big mix colored flowers and those were gone thought that was it for this year.

New stems grew and saw buds to be precise 12 buds and it really made me happier i like this rose i knew this kind of breed is expensive as we checked at the stores. Buds fully open. No anticipation of seeing big bold roses as it has more flowers and no fertilization applied. They are not really as pretty like the previous roses but to see more than two flowers really made me felt so satisfied and proud of our rose plant.

I love roses and to be more specific white roses my favorite. Roses are special as you can give them in all occasion. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My wedding song

When first heard this song played in the radio i knew then that i want this particular song to be played in my wedding and so it happened and the song writer and singer itself was so really into it.

Catchy every word could carried your emotion away. Really proud that i had this and some of David songs played in my wedding. Everybody loves it and all left and said nothing but a positive comment. I am so in love with this. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hotty Day

This was taken yesterday over at our neighbor's place from the left is my daughter and on the right is our neighbor, her friend name Taylor. They were having popsicles to cool themselves off. Hot day made them thirsty and tired from playing. Sitting on Taylor's playhouse with attached slide.

Was a good day yesterday my daughter really had the fun spending time with Taylor they do not see  that often so every time they get a chance to bond together it really always be a happy one.

Picture is so cute and innocent something that i want to treasure and showed them someday how close they were at some point of their lives. The girls were both wearing pink top it was so sweet and so cute.

Hoping that they will be a real good friends until the end. Great feeling to know that my daughter has someone to play with. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Short Trip

I decided to go for a short cruising to a park and a place where people can do their thing such as fishing, boating, swimming and other. It is  a popular place not too far from where we live but something requires a vehicle to get there from our house.

I am not license to drive by myself despite of having my own permit i am required to have someone who is professional by my side when i am driving. Got bored, husband is at work so i took the chance or risk you may called it. Grab the car key, start the car and took off. At this point, there were only few people that were present when we got there as it is not officially summer yet.

Saw some kids driving their bikes, other are just doing their walking exercise. We stop and park the car for a while. Was not comfortable as there were workers and rangers doing rounds checking the whole area back and forth for safety reasons and was kind of  worried because i do not  have my driver's license yet. Did not stayed for long, took some pictures and we left.

Next time, were going back to the park with my husband so that we can stay longer and enjoy the views, trees and just the whole place. Perfect for our daughter as her little get away.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Girl

This is one of my daughter's cutest pose.  She was looking up to this big giant tree. Amaze of how big it is and how green the leaves are. That particular day  was perfect.

Me and my daughter went outside to enjoy the sunny day. It felt like summer and it was really precious and worth spending time outside. Spring is back and surroundings are looking prettier again from those bright colors. 

Her gator 2010

This is our daughter's new toy. It is called  gator from John Deere. Husband bought this in Saturday for our daughter's birthday. He could not wait of getting one rather than to play the risk of this being out of stock if he is going to wait a couple of months for our daughter's third birthday. Guess, he might get her other present for her birthday.
Main reason why my husband bought this because Cassandra's ATV is getting too small for her and this gator is advisable for ages three to  eight years old so long time for Cassandra to enjoy driving her new toy. For now, she is scared of putting her foot to the Pedal to start and make her gator go. Could not blame her for she is still in the process of getting use to the look, size and functions of her gator. She was used of sitting and driving to her ATV. It is a  big transition for her to jump in to this gator it has a reverse which really new as her ATV doesn't.

Overall, this toy is really cool and cross my fingers my daughter will come to the point to where she will learn a lot of operating this gator and the fact that it has a passenger seat she can haul our neighbor. And they can both have the fun!