Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benefits Of Laptop Computer

I knew that Christmas is too far from now but i already have the plan of what to get for myself. I am doing my best to save some money so that i can buy my own portable Laptop computer. We have a Desktop computer which was bought not even a year ago. This is our second Desktop computer we bought it not because the previous Desktop was broken because it was old or somebody broke it but due to unexpected power outage that happened.

Computer is very useful to me I do all my works on the computer likes checking, sending e-mails, browsing, bidding for items, download videos, games, watch videos, read news, current events, getting connected to my social networks and many more. There are times that i have to have the computer in the living room or in other parts of the house could be outside the house sometimes. Specially, if we are traveling long distance. I could not bring the Desktop computer as it is not handy or portable.

Husband and I both like the idea of getting one Laptop computer. For sure, i will be using it regularly and will enjoy the convenience of it. I do not want to miss anything likes when i am bidding for an item or clothes for my daughter i could not stay on the Desktop computer it disabled me in one place. Laptop computer i could take it with me. I can be versatile and be able to multi-task while checking or doing my computer works and doing household works at the same time. Most of all, Laptop computer is wireless as it is powered by batteries at the same time it came with its own wire where you can plug it in order not to run out of power.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tractor And Trailer

We have a trailer and we go to Tractor and Trailer supply whenever my husband needed some parts. Trailers come indifferent sizes according to its capacity and uses. Our trailer is not too small and not too big. It is very important to have the trailer as it is very useful to haul things and everything. I had been spotting trailers in pick up trucks usually.

One morning, when i looked at the window i noticed a black thing and thought that it was a branch of tree fell down from a strong gust of wind that night and that thing was near our mailbox. It happened that i had to go outside and put something in our mailbox. I stopped and look at it. It was a Friction Sway Controller. Pick it up and showed it to my husband after he got home from work.

I asked him if he could use it. Though, it is not useful for the moment but he said in the future he might be using it as the trailer part that i found is for big and heavy duty trailers. My husband subscribes into this catalog and he received and saw a Friction Sway Controller, same size and design but different brand name for $80. The one that i found was from Reese. It was a lucky day!

Summer Vacation

Summer is approaching and many families are planning for a little or big get away to relax, unwind and have the fun. Planning for a vacation is costly and requires many preparations and research. Best known countries or top on the list for people to spend their vacations are in Europe, America and Asia. Going to Europe and no relatives or vacation house in there can be so expensive. Why not try the Holiday Rentals and find many good deals and ideas that your surely will fit to your family needs.

Have you heard about Larnaca, Cyprus beautiful, stunning place to discover, experience and many exciting places and new things to offer to all the tourist. I was not been there in Cyprus but i saw on TV about it and the place looks so interesting and inviting. If visiting to Larnaca, Cyprus you do not have to worry about looking for a place to stay there are plenty of home villa to stay where it has the everything that a guest need to stay comfortable.

Beaches are big part of tourist people. The vacation will not be enjoyable and complete if no beaches to surf, swim, sun bathing while enjoying the sun and the advantage of turning skin in tan color. Tourist like beautiful, unique and cozy beaches. In Cyprus, they have all the beaches. If you choose, to go to Cyprus, do not forget to visit and gathered information at Larnaca tourism office because if not you will regret. This is the very helpful and informative place to visit. You will get and learn many things to where you go to and get updated with all the places and events.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I am tired and sick of having a traditional vacuum that requires vacuum bag to replace whenever it gets full. Costly, as we have to buy vacuum bags every time we run out of available bags. Lasts week we went to Walmart to buy the vacuum bags but they were out of stock, the kind and size that we need for our vacuum. Vacuum bags are expensive there are only three bags in a pack for almost six dollars.

We bought a dirt devil wireless vacuum before. It was my idea, i liked it very much light weight and bag less. Therefore, smart and very economical by saving our budget from buying vacuum bags. All you have to do is to empty the canister which is not a hard work. The only problem of a wireless vacuum was it does not lasts longer that i expected. My husband would charged the battery for over night and when i used it the next day would not even lasts for two hours. What a pain in our electric bill. That part was the big problem so we returned the bag less and wire less vacuum and we got our money bag. Thank's GOD!

There are so many new models out there of vacuum, and they are more innovative and more unique. I was checking the prices Saturday not bad for all the benefits that a vacuum cleaner cans do or offers. It is time for us to get a new one though our vacuum is like over a year old but i am getting tired of it. I want the kind of vacuum cleaner that has the steamer come with it. I want to clean and steam our carpet all the time. We have cat and her hair could be all over the place. Safer to have a clean floor.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Credit Card

I do not have a credit which i am planning of applying and getting one but to apply for a credit card you must have a source of dependable monthly income. There are requirements that need to be meet. I bet i will not be qualified as i am not working but my husband can gets one if he will agree. He had a credit card before but unfortunately, his identity was taken by a thief. Lesson learn from that experienced that was been bugging us for a long time. It was very expensive and time consuming as my husband fought for his right and hired a lawyer to solve the case.

Credit card is something that we have and i can really see the importance of it. As a credit card owner just need to be careful and avoid swiping it for everyday purchase. The credit card is advantage whenever there are emergency financial problems. Friends after friends they mostly have their own credit card but wisely credit card is not free of charge you have to pay the credit card company at the end of the month and you will be in trouble if you cannot pay on time. Interest gets higher and piled up so there are advantages and disadvantages of  owning a credit card.

For now, i must be content of what i have. I have a nothing to worry about the monthly interest to pay or to expect for any monthly billing statement from any credit card company and most of all has a nothing to worry about ruining a credit score. I am using my debit card and i am good for now.

Gym Exercise

Men and women needs to be in shape not only to look beautiful in the outside but in the inside too. If we exercise regularly it helps our body to become healthy and it energizes us and we will shed those unwanted fats, the beer belly and the cellulite. Exercise, needs time. You have to find time for it and to go to the gym is another expenses to think about.

My husband already own this gym exercising machine. It was first placed in the living room and he moved it to one of our bedroom. The exercising machine is there waiting all the time for him to sit and exercise but he is lazy to do it. He was in perfect shape before. His body needs to be physical fit as he was in a motorcycle race before as part of his hobby and indeed he attended a professional race somewhere here in Pennsylvania when he was younger. When you race or into any sports body weight is really the number one concern.

We have a different kind of exercising machine too which is a cardio machine it is in the living room as it is not that big. That cardio machine is perfect for me but i am too lazy to do my exercise. I will do my best to find time sometime as i am gaining some weight and need to get rid off them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Luxury Frozen Yogurt

It is a smart way to live healthy by exercising and eating healthy food. Our body needs the right numbers of vitamins but this is hard to obtain by just eating meat, fruits and vegetables. Drinking milk and eating cheeses are best source of our daily Vitamin D. The yogurt was been introduced to the market for the consumers. Several good reasons why we have to eat yogurt? First, yogurt is loaded with vitamins. Second, yogurt contains of good for you bacteria and lastly, yogurt is got power boosting protein and bone building calcium.

Our family loves to eat yogurt and there are many different brands of yogurt some are good, some are the best and prices also differ.  Are you looking for a luxury frozen yogurts? The Bliss berry offers a luxury frozen yogurts cultured from a highest quality and natural ingredients. Eating luxury Frozen Yogurt is an experience you will always love as they are more and much tastier and at Blissberry, they specialist in Luxury frozen yogurt with all the benefits that a yogurt should have. I am blessed that my daughter grew up  loving to eat the yogurt it is indeed part of her daily diet.

Everybody needs to eat yogurt because it has almost all the vitamins that our body needs. They are not very expensive and frozen yogurts are affordable and not hard to eat. Yogurt comes with different flavors and sizes. I heard that yogurt can help you achieve shedding some pounds by eating and following the right amount because yogurt has less calories.

My first Jewelry Box

My husband bought me my first jewelry box when i first came her. It was big and a beautiful looking jewelry box. It was a good buy because it was very affordable. He knew how much i like to wear a jewelry and while i was still in Philippines and whenever there was a special occasion such as our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday and Valentines day he sent me jewelry. I am not a stuff toy type or a card type of person. I love receiving jewelry as a present. I am very particular too as gold come in three different kinds the white gold, yellow gold and the rose gold. I prefer to wear white gold. I like to see other people wearing yellow gold jewelry but not me. As much as possible i want to have the white gold wedding ring and engagement ring but my husband bought a yellow gold wedding ring with diamonds same with my engagement ring also yellow gold.

I wear white gold necklaces, white gold earrings, white gold or sterling silver bracelet and other style of jewelry. Buying and liking gold is very good as you can invest them. When difficult times come we can sell or pawn our jewelry at the pawnshop. Redeem them or not, it is up to you but jewelry is the easiest way to make money in emergency cases. I proved this  base from my own experiences. To buy a genuine jewelry are expensive but they are very helpful and useful at the end. The gold value does not depreciate they go up as time goes by regardless of the style and color  that if they are pure gold.

I took a picture of my jewelry box and there are some gold bracelet dangling but they just stayed in the jewelry box. If i have the extra money i will send them to my mom as she likes yellow gold and even my sister she can have them too. When i was single i really want to buy a fine jewelry box but they are expensive and my husband made it came true. Thank's to him for fulfilling it for me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stylish Vintage Shop

Fashion is every woman's weaknesses. I like to dress up and dress down myself specially my  daughter. I really have the fun combining colors and styles. There are different styles that every woman likes to portray. In my case, i like the classic styles as classic styles such as clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories exist in fashion world all the time.

I knew other women like the vintage looks. The old time fashion and styles were sweet and very feminine. I do like them too and want to try sometimes. It is good to be versatile. Vintage clothing and accessories are fun. They have unique designs and bright colors too. This point of time, with all the modern and high technology coming out people almost forgotten the vintage fashion and style.

There are still places and stores physical and online who offer and sell vintage fashion clothes, outfit, handbags and accessories. For someone who is interested and looking for a shop or stores who sell vintage stuffs and clothing why not visit and check online this particular store at They have beautiful vintage dresses, accessories from head to toe and many more. Explore their stores and you may find what you are looking for.

Is Online Dating Safety

Everybody loves to settle down when the right age comes. We all wanted to have our own family and grow old with them. Finding a perfect match is a challenge. Others are too busy working and no extra time to go out for a date. I have no against about online dating. They are great ways to find and meet the potential mate or partner. Before signing up and becoming a member for any online dating websites make it sure to make some research and know its liabilities if something will happen to you as a member along the way.

I was surprised about this woman who made a headline news. Claimed that she was been raped against her will by a member of this particular and known online dating websites called Obviously, they are both members. Member meets member and that is how you meet your potential partner date. They are both matured and looks like in their late 40's and early 50's if i am not mistaken. The man had a record from his previous as a sex offender. That is scary and this is obviously not in that man's member profile under his description. And what if he is a murderer? Lucky, for this woman that she is alive and spoken in public to warn all the members and for those who wants to becoming a member of any online dating websites.

Grill Accessories

We are using our grill again. Every time, the day gets warm we are out for cooking. Taking advantage of the beautiful day. Spring season right now means plenty of rains and occasionally get lucky and turn into sunny day. I like when the foods are cook on the grill. They taste differently. Grilled pork and grilled fish are just some of my favorites to eat with rice. It brings me back from where i came from. My Filipino family likes to cook on the grill.

Our grill is over five years old but still in excellent condition. My husband takes good care of it. Never bought a new grill for replacement. We bought some grill accessories like grill brushes, grill thongs and little things. Lately, we bought another new brush for our grill we change and bought often and saw a bamboo skewers i got 100 pieces of them and shallow me the bamboo skewer excites me as a Filipino remind me of the banana sugar coated. We are all excited for summer time to come where we as a family can enjoys the warm and sunny day everyday. I love summer as the fun is limitless.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finding Good Car Insurance Rates

All drivers are required to have  their vehicles insured. This is a policy that makes sense to all drivers. Having insurance for your vehicles regardless if it is a car, truck, snowmobile, pick up truck, motorcycles or ATV is a smart thing to do as insurance is helpful and useful not only for today but most of all for future instances.

One valid reason why others cannot get their vehicles insured because of the rates and prices. Finding a reputable and dependable insurance is a challenge. It happened to us before. We were a loyal customer and been using the said insurance to all our vehicles for quiet a long time but as time progress they are getting expensive to the extent that our budget cannot catch it anymore.

We have cars, snowmobile, motorcycles, ATV and pick up truck, and they are all insured. We decided to look online for a reasonable rates. Found one, got our quote and we like it. Perfectly fit to our budget. For others who have the same plan in shifting or looking for a reasonable, reputable and dependable insurance company you can do it by doing a research. There is a Company offers motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates. This way you will save and enjoy their services. Be wise and be smart in finding car insurance rates and liabilities.

Fishing Permit

On our way for grocery shopping we saw car after car park on the side of the streets. They are the fisher men. It was around nine a.m. and very cold but despite of the climate that day fisher men were out there fishing. Saturday and should be with their families or could have just waited until the day clears up. My husband brought up the topic of getting a fishing license permit so that we can go fishing sometimes. Our daughter is getting bigger and we want her to be exposed and explore in any different kind of adventures and activities.

We got home and my husband got on the computer and check for the fishing license permit cost and how and where. He got the information that he needs. He already has all the gear that we will be needing for fishing as he went fishing before during his younger days with his nephew. He showed me different kinds of trout. Now, i knew that there are three different kinds of trout the rainbow trout, the brook trout and the brown trout. They, looks all yummy to me.

I love fish and i eat fish once or twice a week. Fish is good for all of us as it is the best source of omega three good for enhancing our memories. Filipino people love to eat fish and that how i love fish i grew up eating fish as part of our meal. I hope that sooner my husband can renews his fishing license permit and that we can go fishing. I want to see how our daughter will likes the fishing. Fishing is quiet boring but i likes the feeling whenever you catch fish.