Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning Coffee

I am up early this morning my computer time says six o'clock  which is unusual for me. I set my own fault being lazy and most of all being forgetful.

Ninety five percent i  remembered getting the coffee ready almost every night for my husband the next morning as he gets up early and getting himself ready for work though it was somewhat awkward and i am sorry moment as i forgot to get the coffee ready i told my husband that i am going to get up and get his coffee even my body wants to stay longer on the bed of roses.

Now, have troubled going back to bed so i decided to just post something here. Glad it is Saturday. My husband is not in a hurry of getting late to work. Thank's GOD 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got home from Philippine vacation i knew this post is a bit late but i still love to share this. Our daughter lasts year was fond of jumping on the bed and was saying she was on the trampoline my husband told her that one day she will own one.

Therefore, he got one for our daughter we entered the house and to our surprise there was a trampoline in the living room it's not that high setting but enough for our three year old as a beginner and on the hand for her own safety. 




Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little American

I remembered my daughter when she was in the stage of hating being accessorized her hair and as a mother i was buying girl stuff from hair clips to clothes, shoes and little purses and everything that i see cute for her. She was defiant especially when it comes to hair clips she would pulled them off and threw them as far as she could with tears falling.

When we were off for a short vacation to Philippines things were affordable and i bought her some hair clips and other things and i was amazed that she would let me put hair clips or these little colorful rubber band to her hair and thought that it was only for the meantime but i am thankful that even though were now back here to were we belong she still wanted her hair clips.

Yesterday, she got a shower, and hair was still wet, water drips and told her that her hair needs to be toweled well first and wait until it gets totally dry. She grabbed the combed and asked me to combed her hair and insisted of putting hair clips to her hair to avoid making a scene i did put her hair clips and she looks so cute and so adorable.

This is what i was waiting and now it came true. I like to buy girl stuffs for her and see her like a baby doll. And before she went off to bed last night she asked me to take her hair accessories off. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fortune Cookies

Last Sunday when the family went to this Chinese restaurant and they always include fortune cookies. There were three of us so we got three cookies too. My husband handed me one cookie, open and got that little paper that was in the middle of the cookie to my surprise it says 

   "you have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment" 

I am trying to accomplish something and i knew that if i am just keep going i will get it and it will pays me off at the right time. Will not  be long i wish. 

Valentines Day Gifts

Never thought that me and my daughter would received something last night from my husband for valentines day. We got up in the morning and he left  for work as usual. Nothing was given to me so i did not expect that he would do something for the occasion.

Time for him to be home and still no husband around it was getting late and finally, somebody pulled in our driveway and it was him. He was holding two paper bags and each has something inside. He gave the small bag to our daughter and it was her valentines day gift from her daddy. 

My husband is still full if surprises. I love the fact that he always consider our daughter for any important occasion. Since we had our daughter she never ever missed a chance of receiving any gifts for valentines day. My hubby always includes her. He would buy gifts for me and for our daughter too. This just showing what kind of father/husband he is and how fair he is to his family.

Was sorry for not buying anything for hubby but he understood it and he knows how much i love him and how dear he is to me. Still many valentines day to comes and i knew in my heart that it is not going to be late to do my part.

Therefore, our valentines was still happily celebrated and was celebrated on time along with many people/lovers around the world. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Day

Valentines day is a heart day for everybody i would giggle to the thoughts that this particular occasion is being celebrated with couples, lovers and many of red colors, flowers and chocolates are so visible and saleable. Red is one of my favorite color and good  to know that there are still people celebrating LOVE.

My husband is a romantic person he always had something for me every valentines day not so expensive nor so big but definitely coming from his heart and his warm thoughts. Well, we do celebrate love all the time as a husband and wife each and everyday only February 14th is marked and being remembered and celebrated all over the world and it unites everybody to do the same things celebrating loves.

Have no idea what is going to happen tonight. Will i  receive something or what but if there is none i will be fine and still be thankful and still love my husband as ever. 

College Buffet

Last night, we had a dinner over at college buffet it is a Chinese restaurant and yes it saves me from cooking dinner. Was gone for two months and was surprise to see different faces of servants. This place is so intriguing as they often employed different people whatever the reasoned it is their business.

Anyway, back to their foods i was happy though i thought that i would be pigging myself out there for the fact that i quietly did not eat good lunch yesterday even my daughter she did not  ate that good too for lunch.

I ate sushi with chili sauce and it was good but was not really crazy over it, roasted duck that i did not even had a big bite, mussels with melted white cheese on top, mushrooms, beef steak, stir fried vegetables, salmon fish, fried rice and other but each of this food was just like a couple nor bite sizes only. I would say it was because i was not really craving yet for Asian serve food.

It was too much to be charge six dollar and something for our three year old daughter as she did not really ate that much either. She had some fruits little of each kind and ice cream but it is the rules that once you enter to their restaurant with a kids three years and up they will charge them full.

Was been a good day yesterday i was been productive and now, slowly catching up with things with my chores. Sun is up today and i love it. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I did a reviews to all the moments that i captured in our video camera during the Philippine vacation and deleted the unwanted videos the scenes that were left are the scenes that i am going to save and transfer to a DVD tape and send it to my family for them to have their own copy to keep.

Early this morning, i woke up and right away look for our DVD recorder which i do not know where i last kept it, i could not remember. I want to do it now so that i can send the tape to my family by next Saturday. My husband help me to find it a little but he was in a hurry to meet up his buddy as they have to do some work to our pick up truck. He promised me that he is going to do the recording by tomorrow after work and for now, i have to look for the misplace DVD recorder. Cross finger it would not  take that long for me and i will find it as i knew it is just here somewhere.