Friday, July 29, 2011

Back To School Backpack

This is her pink back pack though the dolly is not all pink. Anyway, I bought this backpack in Philippines early this year before going back to the US. She loves this! Light material and spacious. Actually, bought two. One for my daughter and one for my niece.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Building Links And Free Link Exchange

Every blogs and websites needs to be expose to be discovered and to gain traffics. For beginners, you really does have to promote your websites or blogs and should know how to optimize your pages to be visible and become effective. I heard about free link exchange and I am going to try this because I have blogs that I want to promote and to develop to achieve the traffics that my blogs needed to be successful.
I am not a computer wizard, do not know the steps or ways in making my blog effective online. Therefore, I have to learn how to build links as I know that this tool will help to promote my blogs. My goal is to have page ranks in every blog I have because having the page rank will brings me more opportunities in blogging world. Also joining the free links does matter for bloggers blog or any websites owner. This place has the said tool the free links which are easy to use and friendly.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reading Is Fun

Thinking back my childhood I had the fond memories reading books, magazines and comics I made them part of my everyday life. I was not alone reading comics and buying them could be so expensive. There were nearby places where we could rent comics to read, news papers and magazines. My older cousins and cousins my age we would raced to the place to rent the best and latest released comics.

Reading was fun and to read a book, magazines or comics with your favorite characters in it are the best feeling ever. To follow the series of the story would really complete my world of fantasy in reading comics. Back then, comics were in great demand but hard to find these days. They might be collectibles and I still love to buy and collect comics and to bring back the memories of my childhood.I always find them very interesting to read and to be carried away with my favorite comics characters.

Changing Table

Delta Enterprise Delta Childrens Products Canton Dresser Cherry For Baby

We will be needing a new changing table for our on the way baby. This will be easy for me to change his or her diaper whenever its time to change and our baby as well be comfortable. Love this changing table. It has the antique looking and classic style and design too. Our daughter, she had her changing table but we never thought that we are going to be a parents for the second time. We gave our daughter's changing table to a friend who needs it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Competitive Car Insurance Rates

One valid reason why others cannot get their vehicles insured because of the rates and prices. Finding a reputable and dependable insurance is a challenge. It happened to us before. We were a loyal customer and been using the said insurance to all our vehicles for quiet a long time but as time progress they are getting expensive to the extent that our budget cannot catch it anymore.
We have cars, snowmobile, motorcycles, ATV and pick up truck, and they are all insured. We decided to look online for a reasonable rates. Found one, got our insurance quote  and we like it. Perfectly fit to our budget. For others who have the same plan in shifting or looking for a reasonable, reputable and dependable insurance company you can do it by doing a research. There is a Company offers motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates. This way you will save and enjoy their services. Be wise and be smart in finding car insurance rates and liabilities.

Coat Rack For Her Bedroom

Saturday, during the grocery shopping we bought our daughter her own wall mounted coat rack. She needs a space. The coat rack will give her an extra space. It is helpful because she can hang up her coats and even other stuffs. My husband mounted it the next day. It was mounted at the back of our daughter's bedroom door. It looks elegant. Has antique looking. We have our other coat rack and it was in the living room. My husband ordered it from his friend. Has a tree design.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Need Custom Address Plaque

Our mailbox is small for the packages that I am putting in and receiving. There are different sizes of mailboxes that are sold in the stores. I saw the biggest size of the mailbox and that is what we need. I want the mail man to deliver the packages in the mailbox without him knocking in the door for me to receive the big package. There are houses that caught my attention. They have beautiful and neat looking address plaques and it is very helpful for the visitors or relatives to find the address. We have our own but definitely needs a new one.