Saturday, May 12, 2012

Armor All- undoes what life does to your car!

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.


We live in a country. We drive our cars everyday, back and forth, work to home. It is not new to us for our cars to collect or get dirty.  Our cars get dirty which is a common situation. We often get tough dirt, mud, grime and even birds poop on the shield or any part of the cars. We washed them but many times, we are struggling of removing the said elements. We already tried all the possible automotive products that can help protects our vehicles. Nothings seems really works hard of getting rid off the dirt.


Our friend told us about the new automotive products called Armor All. The new wax technology that will not only protects my car it also repels dirt and grime. How cool is that? Armor All Extreme Shield Wax is what we need. Easy to use with effortless application; no hazing, can be applied in direct sunlight, brilliant, long lasting shine, no white residue on plastic and most of all it is safe to apply on all automotive finishes. We are so excited to try the said new products. Yes, it works! We like it so much and we are satisfied with the result.


Armor All have their official page on Facebook, like them and  enter the "What Life Did to your Car' sweepstakes for a chance to win a Camaro SS signed by Tony Stewart. What are you waiting for? Visit them now on Facebook and enter for a chance to win! Armor All is better than ever because of its revolutionary polymer formula forms a protective shield against the elements that enable easy removal of bugs, tree sap and water spots. Would not leave white reside on plastic.




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Patiently Waiting

I was very kind enough to share and tell my fellow bloggers about the advertiser that has the products sunglasses for free in the exchange of reviewing them. My co bloggers were so happy and they did sent the said advertiser the e-mail. The advertiser was very professional when it comes to communication. He replied so quickly.

Few days passed by my fellow bloggers were so happy announcing bout the arrival of their sunglasses. We sent the e-mail at the same time and live in the same country, USA- I waited for more days. I hope that it would come. Until now, I am still waiting and it pissed me off. I contacted the advertiser and told me that if I will not receive my sunglasses they are going to fix the problem.

Enzyte 24/7- Every Man- Everyday!

This post brought to you by Vianda. All opinions are 100% mine.



Life was more fun when younger because of the natural energy inside out. A person's energy and desires deteriorate when aging. Sad to say that the inner desires in making love to most men are affected due to lack of energy and interest. And the performance was not satisfying to their wife or partner. 


Technology and medicines are getting more advances these days. Men big concern when it comes to peak performance has a now the answer. Enzyte 24/7 male enhancement, an once a day pill work with your body chemistry for results that intensify over time. It provides the continuous support you need. So when the mood is right or the opportunity arises, it is easy to know that you are ready!

 Enzyte 24/7 is the new advanced formula capsule for peak performance and a rock solid result from a brand that is committed to your health, safety and enhancement. Visit and like Enzyte on Facebook for update information on male enhancement and the best offer and deals. Sign up today to receive a $10 coupon off your Enzyte purchase. Make it Enzyte 24/7 every man, everyday!

Check out this new Enzyte commercial versus the old smiling Bob. It is cooler and more realistic for all men. The every man, everyday!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Enzyte products should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and individual results may vary.






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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy to Follow Homemade Dog Food!

This post brought to you by All opinions are 100% mine.


Many people love dogs because they are truly a loyal companion. Dogs are known to be man's best friend. We have our dog too and we love him very much. We care so much about his health. We want him to stay healthy and live longer. As the owner, I am so picky of what dog food to buy for our beautiful dog.


There was a dog food recalled before and that really scares me. I always wanted to cooked my own Homemade dog food. That way, I know ingredients are all safety and healthy. I hate dog foods with artificial ingredients. I am happy that there is a website where they showed a video of how to make a homemade dog food with less ingredients needed.


I found the website so helpful. I like the idea because ingredients are easy to understand and not hard to find. The said dog food only needs five (5) ingredients for Easy cooked dog food recipe.  Ingredients are: ten (10) pounds of raw ground beef, 18 eggs shell included, five (5) cups uncooked white rice, one (1) tube of LickOchops omega fatty acid supplement and Dinovite liquid daily supplement. Check them out and make your own dog foods too!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise

An online friend of mine lives in Texas. She sent me a message through Facebook asking my mailing address. Our friendship  is not that close. We communicated through one group. She is a nice person I could tell. I gave her my mailing address, puzzled what for. I thought she was going to send me some guava as what we had talked before three months ago.

In regards with guava fruit, she already told me that she went to the store and there was no stock.  Anyway, Monday when I received something from her. A small envelope, very light and I was curious to find out what was inside. When I opened it, there was a photo of her beautiful daughter. It was sent for Mother's day! How lucky I am?! Thank's to her. She is very sweet!