Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Candies

I was not expected from my husband to be home early yesterday. Glad i was quick and did turned the computer off before he knocks on the door. I knew he does not get mad of me being on the computer but for sure he would be surprised if he will see me still using the computer evens late in the afternoon. My husband knows i have the whole day access to our computer since i am a stay at home mom.

He came home and after five minutes he told our daughter to take a nap. I replied, and said it is not good for her to take her nap late in the afternoon. So, he revealed his secret and said he could not sneak out the candies in our house because our daughter is awake and the Easter bunny candies are waiting in the car. Too bad, no choice but to let those Easter bunny candies sleep over night in the car.

Then, there was a TV commercial featuring about Easter bunny candies, different flavors and shapes. Our daughter saw them and said, Daddy can i have some Easter bunny candies? My husband answered, yes honey! Easter bunny will come tomorrow which is Saturday at night to give you the Easter bunny candies. So our girl was very happy.

Later, she was being a kid. She was being bad doing things her way. Did not listened to her Mommy and Daddy. So, we told her that if she does not want to listened to her parents then Easter bunny will not come to give her candies. She walked away from us, went to the kitchen all be herself and was so quiet. She was emoting. It happened three times last night. My husband came to her carried and kissed her and i did too at some other time. Our daughter will be turning four soon and she is getting so sensitive.


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