Saturday, May 21, 2011

Donald Trumph And Politics

What was your reaction when you heard that Donald Trumph was considering himself of running for President? Honestly, I could not believed it myself because I never heard Donald Trumph to be in any kind of politics before. I knew him from watching his own hosted show The Celebrity Apprentice and for being a very successful business owner. This is America and i believed everybody has the freedom to do what they want to do or want to pursue in their career but I believe there are qualities  that need to be considered first. 

Donald Trumph made a headline news when he was asking an evidence from our President Barack Obama to proved his citizenship by providing his birth certificate. Yes, the President showed and provided his birth certificate showing that he is indeed, born in the USA and he is qualified to be a President. Now, i heard lasts night that Donald Trump made an announcement that he is not going to run for President. He was saying to stay and continue his show The Celebrity Apprentice. He might realize that this is not the right time for him to run for the sad position.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Curtain In Leeds

Finding a right size, designs and proper length of curtains is almost impossible. I preferred to go to the place where they sewed a custom curtains to achieve my desire color, length and styles to my satisfaction but having the custom curtains could be pricey. We bought our house with odd length and sizes of windows that require curtains and it is hard to find a curtain that will fit to our windows size and length I really need a place that could accommodate my needs and glad I found Curtain Fitters in Leeds they are great and offer different kinds of services.

Summer is coming and it is time for hot and sunny days. Families and kids will be spending times outside in the yards to play and do summer activities or will enjoy sitting in the patio and needed a shed or awning. Curtains in Leeds will provides a complete service with their consultant, and give advises in any uses of the awning and also the prices.

I am glad that i found this website who offer a service likes Curtain Fitters in Leeds as they have many services for curtains. This company has been established for over 15 years and are leading suppliers of made to measure blinds and curtains for the home, office or school. They covered the Leeds and Harrogate area. They provide personal
service, free interior advice and can complete the installation with no mess or fuss. Interested? Visit them and learn more of their services they offer services in making curtains, blinds, fabrics, collections, conservatory blinds, commercial, shutters and awnings.

Wedding Anniversary

I checked our mailbox and I saw an invitation card from our neighbor. The couple is married for 30 years today and their daughter is going to have a party for them. They are lucky to have a daughter likes her because she really appreciate and know how to value her parents. Lasts year, she also gave them a party where they invited all the people they knew and we were also invited. How I wish that our daughter will be like our neighbor's daughter to give us a party whenever we have our birthdays and wedding anniversary.

Congratulation to our neighbor and I am so happy for them. I hope that they will continue to live together and will create more memories as a husband and a wife and will continue to conquer all the trials and support each another. How I wish that every married couple will have a long lasting marriage but there are things that could happen and unfortunately causes the marriage to end.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Insurance Australia

Glad to find this website that has the services through out Australia. I have a very good friend who lives in Australia and most of her relatives too who lives in Australia for a very long time. We talked many things and insurance is often part of our topic. We both wonder why there are so many types of insurances and why they are so expensive. In Philippines, you will rarely heard about insurance policy and anything about insurances. I could not wait to tell my friend about this good news about Insurance Australia they had been looking for a very affordable, reliable, trusted insurance company for many months now this will be the answer.

The CGU offers different kind of insurance services and this varies depending to your needs. They have a Personal Insurance such as Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Residential Strata Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Boat Insurance, Travel Insurance and Recreational Horse Insurance. Therefore, if you live in Australia you have a nothing to worry about finding one of the best Insurance Australia free to visit them online and learn more of their services offered.

Do you own and operate your own business and looking for insurance? Try CGU as they have the services that you are looking for they have different insurance for small to medium business such as Business Insurance, Professional Risks Insurance, Farm Insurance, Construction and Machinery Insurance, Marine Insurance and Motor Trade Insurance. Do not be fooled by other insurance company. CGU has a long  history of trusted service to Australians, with more than 1.5 million personal policy holders nationwide and provides a comprehensive range of insurance for small to medium businesses. To all Australian, who are looking for Insurance Australia visit CGU and check their website to find more information.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eight Year Old Girl Received Botox

I did not hear nor see the news on TV until my friend told me this Botox thing when we got the chance to talked on the telephone. She is a mother and I am also a mother. She told me about this eight year old girl that was given a Botox by her own mother. I could not believed it myself. What kind of parent is that to give a child a Botox knowing that Botox is a medicine and i heard aging people using Botox to lift their sagging skin or something but not to an eight year old.  

Eight-year-old Britney Campbell can be seen receiving a botox injection from her mum in this screen grab from Good Morning America.

Surely, there was an outrage for this because this mother injected Botox to her daughter for a pageant preparation. Obviously, this mother was only thinking of winning and not considering the result later to her daughter. So, what can you say as a mother about this? Do you see this okay? As for me, I want my children to grow up and develop naturally. I knew that beauty pageant or this pageant world is so crazy the competition is so tight and you have to look really at your very best in everyway. If it is possible to be perfect then to join beauty pageant you must have to be perfect to win the crown.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work Uniform

I was happy to knew that i do not have to do the washing of my husband's work uniform. I asked him who is going to wash his work uniform and he said the uniform company. That means saving in laundry detergent and less chores for me. Anyway, i do not mind washing his work uniform because i am not going to do it manually we have the washing machine. The company where he is employed paid for it so that it is good to take advantage for that kind of benefit.

To his previous employer he could have the uniform company washes his uniform but he would be charge for less than five dollars so he did not  do it. I washed his work uniform before but this time is a different situation. It is good if all the employers would offer that kind of benefit a free of charge when it comes to washing the employees work uniform.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food

This post brought to you by Nutrish. All opinions are 100% mine.

DDogs a 

Dogs are known to be a family pet or a man's best friend. Dogs are very good companion and they become a loyal family member. We love animals, we have the cats and a dog name Lucy. They bring joy to our lives and make each day complete. Dogs are very affectionate and are very expressive. We treat our dog the way she deserves to be treated. We buy her dog foods regardless of the prices. We want our dog Lucy to  love it and assure the nutrients that our dog needed to live healthy everyday. As a dog owner, shopping and buying for the best dog foods can be so confusing. There are labels of nutrients and ingredients that I could not understand. I am not a Veterinarian so for me those names of ingredients are so overwhelming and not so sure if they are safe for our dog to eat.



Finally, Rachael Ray Nutrish just 6 dry dog food  has been created  and it is a relieved to know that this dog food comes only in six natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. A 100% complete and balance nutrition for adult dogs like Lucy. No corn, no wheat, no soy. A super premium food for adult dogs.


Six Natural Ingredients 

- Lamb Meal

- Brown Rice

- Ground Rice

- Dried Beet Pulp

- Poultry Fat

- Natural Chicken Flavor



I fed Lucy our dog her Nutrish dog food and amazingly she loves the taste of it and never had the problem finishing her Nutrish dog food. She is eating  better now than before. No left over as she licks her bowl  and always wanting for more. The changes are so noticeable as she is more active, has more energy to play and more focus. I like the Nutrish dog food  free sample  for our dog. The color, sizes, aroma and the textures are just right that Lucy our dog really can eat them well. She is really enjoying every bite of her Nutrish dog food and she cannot wait every time it is her feeding time. She is so excited to eat her Nutrish dog food.

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Terminal Cancer Treatment

Whenever I heard the word cancer regardless of what type of cancer it is does always break my heart. My uncle was a victim of terminal cancer. He had no idea that his cancer was already in stage four. Cancer come in four stages and when you reach  the stage four it is impossible for the patient to survive. If only he lived here in America where Doctors are highly trained, using modern and updated technologies, medicines and treatment he might have had the chances of living longer.

Do you know someone who is suffering from terminal cancer or maybe a friend or a relative of yours? There is a hope for patients who have the cancer. Doctor David Johnson is a  specialist on the area of treating terminal cancer patients. You can visit and check his website to learn more about his ways of treating cancers. He uses potent compounds, that targets cancer cells and destroys them.

If you are interested you can always contact Dr. David Johnson for any medical questions and he will answer them free. How I wish that my uncle was been here and had known Dr. David Johnson at that time to save him from terminal cancer and give him another chance to live but unfortunately he was not from here he lives half way across the world.

Homemade Chili

I was not exposed to chili dish before i came here to live with my American husband. I noticed that Chili is present often when there are gatherings. It was good! I like ground beef and kidney beans plus tomatoes. I bet that Chili originated in Mexico, a Mexican recipe. My husband would cook Chili for us before i was not paying attention to the ingredients as i was not really interested of learning to cook the Chili.

Photo of: Simple Turkey Chili - Recipe of the Day

One day, we were at the grocery store and i had the call of Chili craving. I told my husband that i want to cook Chili but i have no idea about the complete ingredients and the steps of cooking it. He smiled and said, okay and asked me if i really, really want to have the Chili? I nodded and we went home with the Chili ingredients. I was surprised as my husband did not only got the kidney beans but also a pork and beans, spaghetti sauce, Chili seasoning, ground beef and dice tomatoes. I learned from him that you can put anything to your Chili. I cooked and sprinkled brown sugar as the final touch and it was good. My husband was surprised with the out come and he likes it very much!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hyundai Genesis Dealer

Hyundai cars are good looking cars. I like them and they are affordable to own one. Some of my friends are driving Hyundai cars and they all have the good feedback about Hyundai cars performances. It is also very reliable, dependable and easy to operate. My sister- in -law mentioned to me that a month from now she will be in the market shopping and purchasing 2011 Hyundai Genesis car. She is going to get a new car.

For all the Hyundai Genesis owners who are looking to upgrade the look of their cars. Hyundai sells Hyundai  Genesis accessories that will fit to your budget. You have to visit and check them as they have the parts and accessories that you will need for your cars. Sells certified Hyundai parts and after market accessories.

Know a friend or someone in the family who lives in Florida and looking for a Hyundai dealership? Why not tell them that there is a Hyundai Genesis Florida that sells Hyundai cars from use to new. This is the Florida's premier Hyundai Genesis dealer where they have an everything that you need and everything you are looking for Hyundai cars. A perfect place for you to buy a reliable car and for you family.

Baby Born 14 Pounds And Over

May 12th of 2011 the biggest baby was born in California history this baby boy  weighed 14 pounds and 3.6 ounces and is healthy. The mother had the C-section after the grueling two days of labor and the Doctor told the couple that they are going to have a large baby but no idea of having a 14 lbs and 3.6ounces baby. That was big and heavy!

When i gave birth to my daughter she only weighed six pounds and six ounces i was glad that she was not weighing ten pounds. I had a normal delivery but took a little longer for her to came out since it was my first experience, my first pregnancy. Happy that everything went well. This baby boy that was born 14 pounds and over will be a giant! Wonder how did it happen and what was the mother was doing and eating during her pregnancy. I hope that this baby will continues to grow healthy and active.