Saturday, April 9, 2011

Speed Limit 85 Mile Per Hour

I am not a professional driver as i never take my road test exam yet and my learner's permit had expired. When i was driving with the supervision of my husband i encountered different speed. Other area would have limit of 15 mile per hour, 20 mile per hour, 25 mile per hour, 30 mile per hour and 65 mile per hour is the maximum limit in the state where i live. I tried to drove at 60 mile per hour before and it was scary as i felt like flying.

I saw in the news that the Texas house propose a bill to increase the state's speed that has a limit of 85 miles per hour.  I could not believe it but as what i heard everything in Texas is big. Roads might be really wide and less traffic in Texas. I could not imagine driving myself in a 85 mile per hour.  My husband will surely loves the idea. I would like to visit someday  in Texas since they have warm climate and they are known of rodeo.

Food in Texas are good as i heard people saying it base to their experience and they have many Asian restaurants too. I believe there are many Mexican residing in Texas as it is a border of Mexico. If the said bill will be approved then Texas speed limit will be 85 mile per hour. They are the only state who have that kind of speed in the whole nation.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wanna Stay Fit And Healthy?

Obesity is one of the biggest problem here in the USA. Hard to fight as many places serve fatty, oily and rich in calories and trans fat.  Food chains and restaurant are now serving zero to less calorie foods and drinks. Parents and children are more engage in eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruits rather than buying frozen, sweet and rich in calories.

Men and Women are both want to look great physical and healthy inside and out. Doing all the diets on their own way but still not working. A family friend husband and a wife both struggling in shedding some pounds. They search online, enrolled themselves in classes where they can learn how to eat proper healthy foods. Nothing works!

Finally, they saw a commercial on TV  they made a call and sign up online hoping that this particular weight loss program will work to them. They talked with friendly and supportive consultants. The couple is still in the said weight loss program and very thankful and happy as it is working with them.

Synthetic Drugs Growing Popular

Countries all over the world have the same growing problem and that is illegal drugs. Crime rates and deaths increasing rapidly due to these people who got high on drugs and they do things that they are not aware of because the drugs have the control over their mind. Rapes, murders, abuse and other acts caused by using drugs in a wrong way. Others, get high and addicted to their pain killer prescription and overdose themselves and leads to death.

Synthetic drugs or substances are now popular in the market and other place sells it legally. No questions ask when you buy the said synthetic drugs such a bath salt and fake pot that mimics the result of Marijuana and Cocaine for less amount and the easy access of getting them.

Results are fatal for these synthetic drugs. Fake pot and bath salt. There are reported cases about these. Other committed suicide, been hospitalized, getting outrageous and wild and just becoming a different person from using the synthetic drugs.

Common users of this said synthetic drugs and bath salts are teenagers who are curious and who wants to get high. Influence by friends and the fact that you can buy them legally in some places.

This is such a serious growing problem. Many young lives are at risk. This drugs should be stop. I never heard of bath salt can gets you high. Strange but it does happening. Marijuana and Cocaine they are expensive so wicked people out there will not stop finding ways on how to produce illegal drugs regardless if it means killing lives. They care for the money. Therefore, they came up with this nonsense but fatal ideas of making synthetic drugs.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daddy And Daughter Activity

Daddy and daughter had a special bond together late afternoon yesterday as they both making something out of dough or clay. We bought it back in Philippines during our vacation. Three dough or clay and had different color green, pink and orange. My daughter gave the green dough to her cousin Nicole. My daughter cut up the dough or clay and put them in the bucket left and they turn hard.

She saw the bucket yesterday and handed to her daddy and asked him to make something. Her daddy made a robot and a snake. It was funny but they had the fun together. I love to see my daughter and husband having a close bond and to spend as much time as they could. Our daughter was creative at her young age, she grabbed the ink pen and was poking the snake i asked her what are those? She replied, those are spots, mommy! Just like the real snake. Robot sitting on the snake

I took a picture of the robot and the snake that they made together. The snake was orange. Times like this is one of a kind and very precious. Our daughter is turning into a real daddy's girl. She always said that her daddy is good and she love her daddy very much as her daddy loves us too. How sweet is that?

Chewable Fluoride For Kids

Why is it so hard to buy a chewable tablet fluoride for kids? Is anybody can gets high with fluoride? I am so intrigue with this. We had been searching for a chewable tablet form fluoride for our three year old daughter and could not found over the counter fluoride. I asked the pharmacist and said that it is only available with prescription. What? Hard to believe it! They want prescription because Doctors want a patient. That is the message. Simple fluoride that will be given by a parent but yet need a prescription.

Our daughter had a prescribed fluoride before but the prescription was expired and i thought that it may be available like the rest of the over the counter medicines. I search online but there was no luck. There was a place though but in abroad Thailand. How can you trust those sellers. There are many counterfeit medicines being reported. It was expensive and i am not sure if they are approved by FDA.

Thailand is very far outside the country and have no idea for those illegal acts. So i rather go to the Doctor and ask for prescription. I saw in the news that there was a raid in Peru  the place was producing fake medicines so how can i be sure if the fluoride coming from Thailand is genuine. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Danger In Recall Products

To hear food poisoning is so scary and to see in the news those recalled foods and products really worries, scares and confusing. The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is responsible of reviewing the safety of the food. Ordinary people has no idea how to detect the food if it is safe or free from harmful bacteria. The FDA warns that something in the vegetable bins, produce displays or coolers in our groceries may be so contaminated with dangerous pathogens those shoppers should not buy it, nor eat it if they did.

What is Pathogens can do?  Salmonella and other organisms that can cause serious and fatal infections to young children, frail or elderly people who have weak immune systems. Those healthy people infected with Salmonella experience fever, severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and abdominal pain. For the consumers safety the government released this user friendly search guide for all the recall products. This way, we can do our own research and be aware of what foods and products are being recalled.

Recall happened in foods, products and items that we buy everyday and even those vehicles and equipment does have  recall too. Toyota had their recall and it was in the news. Toyota was working to the said recall vehicle. Toyota is now very careful and doing their best not to happen again. Kids, cribs and toys had recalled and many more. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Whale Is Back

Florida is such a beautiful state. They are known of having a warm climate and indeed, people from states that has a four different seasons they choose to settle down in Florida once they retire. I love warm climate but my luck is in different state. Florida is also known of Disneyland and the Sea World attraction where specifically located in Orlando Florida.

My husband's cousin she always go to Orlando, Florida in Disneyland to take her grand daughter for one week vacation. Expensive but surely you will enjoy and it will definitely be one of your unforgettable vacation. We have plan of taking our daughter to Florida Disneyland in Orlando, Florida whenever she is a bit older where it is not hard for her to handle.

Sea World lasts year was been known of a tragic death cause by this famous whale. He or she killed her trainer. Nobody knows what provokes the whale to attacked the trainer he or she pulled her in the water and just did anything until she drowns and died who knows it might be her long hair that annoys the whale. The whale was been kept in a separate place and now he or she is back in the pool performing again.

There were outrage all over. Guess, everybody at Sea World Orlando, Florida  knows what they are doing and what they are getting into. Hope the said whale will not attack any trainer and Sea Worlds people must learn their lesson. This is scary but still would love to go to Orlando, Florida and see some friends and to go to Disneyland for our daughter to experience the adventures of her life. All kids dream is to go to Disneyland.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Under The Knife

It is sad to know that other people cannot face or deal the truth about  physical beauties being temporary as it does not exist forever. Human have different stages to experience. From being a baby, grow up to be a kid, become a teenager, reach the adolescent stage and become adult. Get married, become a wife and a mother and after that become a grandmother or a grandfather. As we travel these stages in life our age number is also progressing. Aging is waiting along the line. Wrinkles here and there. Soggy and droopy skins become visible, gray hair and baldness shows and even bulging bellies and adding weight are become part of our age!

Science is a savior to people who wants to stop their faces from looking old and stopping their skin from being wrinkly . Cosmetic Doctors, pills and injections are available despite of the price. Some insurance does covered. There was a case about this lady who cannot close her eyes now.

It was reported that she was been doing this as her routine. She had too much skin on her eyelids. She went and consult a cosmetic eye surgeon and she had her cosmetic eye surgery performed. The result was sad as she could not close her eyes anymore. Regardless of what she is doing her eyes remain open. How hard is that to live with your eyes open all day all night.

Sued the said doctor. She was awarded but the amount is not enough to supply her needs for her eye maintenance. Doctor cut and took too much skin from her eyelids. I bet her eye surgeon was careful on performing the procedure but there is risk in any procedures. She was unfortunate to be one. They said that there is a solution to make her eyes close again but she has to undergo another eye surgery where the eye surgeon is going to take some skin from the back of her ear.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Can They Get This Over?

There was a report this morning about the radiation in Tokyo, Japan that was rising up! This is scary for all the people not only those who live in the area where the tsunami happened but in  people who primarily live in Japan. I heard that this radiation has been detected in Philippines, China and other Asian countries. Here in United States there was a report about some areas being detected with radiation.

We stop buying fish as they came from China. The problem is majority of the foods are coming from Asian countries. What is going on? When is Japan can find a way and stop the spreading of radiation? I knew this is not an easy problem. My heart goes to all the Japanese  people specially those babies and little children.

Can you feel the world ending soon? The Mayan prediction is always on my mind reminding me the December 21, 2012 where they are talking the world will end. Half believable with all the calamities, disasters  going on. Non stop reports of tornadoes, hurricane, floods and unexplainable events. We stop in Japan in February to catch up or next flight to New York. I was glad the tsunami and radiation did not exist that time. Radiation is known of not being good to human health. There are many Filipino who are working in Tokyo, Japan and all over Japan since Japan is not that far from Philippines. Hope this all radiation scenario will be over soon and Japan can gets back to their feet once again!