Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Alone

I am not feeling well my husband and daughter just took off together to buy something. My motion sickness is striking again and i knew what is going to happen on our way if i am going push myself of going with them.

This is the first time that i did not go so i made sure that my daughter have her backpack and has the food, snacks to munch and orange juice to drink whenever she gets thirsty along the way.

While they are not here i have time to relax and enjoy the quietness of the house this is seldom and should taken advantage. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gift Set For Her

I bought this gift set last month for someone special who's dear to me. She does not have any idea. This is perfect because it has a watch, a wallet that i am positively sure that she will like because the design is not outrageous and a pen that she can use as she really needs it. She works and it involves a lot of writings the pen will be useful to her. Her birthday will be a month and months away from now but this gift set is a great deal so i purchased it  for her special day! 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Like Make Up?

These are some of my make up that i accumulated and really do not use often. When i was in college i remember that i could not leave the house without wearing lipstick, eye shadows and face powder. Nails were not too long but i let them grew a little unlike this time my nails are both really trimmed short as in too short. 

The green make up blush on  was given to me by my aunt. Believe it or not i had it for six years or more and still have it. I am not using it anymore it ended looking that way because my daughter is playing with it and now, it is her property. 

Eye shadows that has different shades was bought in Philippines during our vacation it was very affordable and now setting in one of our bathroom's drawer. Guess, i am done with it and just last night my daughter saw it as she was in the bathroom checking drawers and she said that she is going to put it in her purse. 

My pinkish Revlon lip gloss is what i am actively wearing every time we have to go somewhere not a lipstick anymore. Lip glosses are easy to apply and not too dark or harmful to your lips. Lastly, my mascara for my eyelashes  bought it before leaving for Philippine vacation and use it twice and now setting in one of our bathroom's drawer again and as usual daughter have it too. 

Being married change my lifestyle drastically specially in vanity. I found myself as an easy going person now with a simple outlook in life.

Baby Magazines

Who wants a baby magazines to read? I am not pregnant and do not have a baby crawling in the house anymore.

Received them from the mail and though no longer useful to me still on the other hand i flip pages look at their products if i have a spare time and stuffs really are so cute. My daughter likes to see the babies from the magazine makes her happy and  kept asking me why she does not have a baby brother. 

Easter Candy Sale

Yes, got this order form for the Easter candies that featuring delicious Gardner candies.Wondering how i got access to this? Well, to begin with when first came here as a catholic i want to be reconnected to my religion. I asked my husband if we could look for a catholic church around the area and he said he knew one so we went there gathered some info and i started going every Sunday.

Catholic church is having this fundraising through selling candies from Gardner which is famous of their 55 candies selections i knew where the Gardner candy factory located i saw it before might be 20-30 miles away from home.

I was surprised that the church sent me this form as it's too early. Easter will not  start until next month. Anyway, i am not active anymore for some circumstances but they are still sending me newspapers and everything to keep me updated.

In fairness, Gardner candies are irresistible and offering  fair price so it will not be a bad idea to go to the place and buy directly from the store of Gardner if cravings strikes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coupon For Savings

Coupon is like printing money indeed as many people said there are several websites that you can visits online from the comfort of your home. Coupon also available in magazines and newspapers too. Cutting coupons out from newspapers or from any sources can really save you money. Unfortunately, some of my coupons were expired forgot to look and use them. 

Mickey Mouse Fan

Who does not like Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse they are famous characters to children who watch kids program specially here in US and my daughter is one of them she knew how to sing the Mickey mouse clubhouse song and really can sing it. I bought her a Mickey Minnie mouse pencil case and actually bought two of the same color and style and everything. One for my daughter and one for my niece that way they could both have. Not bad for the price very affordable as i paid them in pesos when i bought them. 

Pillow Pets

When i saw the pillow pets commercial last year on TV i could not help myself but fell in love with its design and cuteness and i was amazed with the idea of the inventor because it targeted kids and their product was indeed irresistible for young/kids audience like my daughter.

Comes with different kinds of animals they are soft, floppy and even can hold a pair of pajamas whenever your son or daughter is going to sleep with friends house or at grandmas house very smart.

The pillow pets was price to $19.99 each to order online thought that it was the only place to buy them but when we went to target to look for something my daughter sought the pillow pets and she wants the bumble bee mommy and daddy wants her to have the lady bug as before that our neighbor had a bumble bee and as parents and neighbor who happen to live next door we do not want our daughter to mistaken her toy one way or another.We ended buying her the lady bug pillow pet.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shopper and Fashionista

This is my daughter's latest photo had taken a few days ago. She is really getting bigger as all mothers say "they grow like a weeds" yah, that fast! Buying clothes in her advance size is a smart thing to do because she is unpredictable like this time she is wearing this particular size the next thing you know it runs small. 

She is wearing a pink turtle neck long sleeves as we are still in cold season and a denim Levis jacket which was bought last year she had her Mickey mouse denim jacket and when i tried it on to her it was tight to where she was not comfortable. This Levi jacket fits perfectly to her. To my surprise i tried her jeans on thinking at first that the length might be a little long and need some alteration but when she has it on wow, it was just right as you can see in the photo. 



My baby is not that little anymore though i missed those times and moments where she was an infant  and needed my help and opinion 100% but on the bright side i am thankful that she is growing healthy, smart and active. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Appliance

My husband have a heartburn and when it strikes him he would drink a can of soda as he proves it works better than any other heartburn pills. Our refrigerator is located in the kitchen and it is very inconvenient to get up and walk for him into the kitchen almost every night where we can buy a mini fridge to solve our problem because of its size we can simply place it in our bedroom and stocks with sodas and other kinds of drinks.

Collecting wine glasses of different styles, shapes and colors is one of my focus right now and has been accumulated great numbers of them and some were given by family members, friends and i bought several too. My wine glasses collection are all in each designated boxes and worried that some might be damage, smash or worst broken into
pieces and buying wine glass rack would be a perfect idea to safety my collections.

Eating bread is part of our family routine in every meal and even on special occasions and slicing bread to its perfection can gets very frustrating despite of using the  expensive knife still cannot get the result i want and i am planning of getting something to
upgrade our way of slicing the bread by looking a high quality bread slicer  for easy and satisfying result.This year  were going to remodel our kitchen was going to add more  pantry cabinet as we do not have that much cabinets. Our family needs are getting more. We buy foods that are good for a week and storing them in a safe place is difficult because we do not have the extra cabinets for our pantries.

Dora Watch

Our daughter is growing up faster and as a mother i like her to have all the accessories as possible as she could. I love to see her loving and learning how to embrace the fashion world.

So far, she is into LCD watch- a kids watch as it is fun and she likes to see the numbers being visible. We went to a store not to buy her a watch but Dora watch caught her attention and she never let go of it so husband bought it for her.

Dora is our daughter's favorite character and majority of her stuffs and clothes have Dora on it. She watches Dora on TV everyday she never get tired of watching it.

Cute, colorful and very inviting to any children. Hard to see Dora though too small. Dora is her newest watch and second collection.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Little Photographer

To have a digital camera is a blessing because you can take an endless shots wherever you go without worrying the prices to be pay for. One of the advantage is that you can erase pictures that you do not like and retake them again.

I taught my daughter before on how to use and took a picture using our digital camera but she was not that interested and now, she is learning and really can take picture only sometimes the face or object were not centered but as what i said it is okay as we can erase pictures anytime we want. Happy that she finally knew how to use our digital camera. Here is the picture that my daughter took  while husband was busy driving.

The very first photo that my three year old daughter took of myself and i think it is a good one. She was at the back sitting and yet it was still a good snap!