Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got More Roses This Year


This is the only rose plant that we have previously planted by the first house owner located at the back side of the house.The first three years that i was here this plant would only bore two flowers and as time progress. This year, i was surprised to see that our rose plant has more flowers. Early this summer it had the two flowers, two big mix colored flowers and those were gone thought that was it for this year.

New stems grew and saw buds to be precise 12 buds and it really made me happier i like this rose i knew this kind of breed is expensive as we checked at the stores. Buds fully open. No anticipation of seeing big bold roses as it has more flowers and no fertilization applied. They are not really as pretty like the previous roses but to see more than two flowers really made me felt so satisfied and proud of our rose plant.

I love roses and to be more specific white roses my favorite. Roses are special as you can give them in all occasion.