Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wagon, Leaves and Sticks

The family is going to be cleaning yards today since it is going to be a sunny day until tomorrow. We saw many of dried brown rotted piles of leaves all over the place and they are not good because mosquitoes like to stay!

Sticks are all over the yard from small to big pieces. Tomorrow is first day of spring. We are welcoming it by cleaning our yards. Wagon will be out and busy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Cellphone

This cell phone likes to travel internationally. My husband bought two cell phones and he sent this one to me while i was still in the Philippines waiting my visa to be approved. I came to the USA and my brother want a cell phone so i decided to sent this cell phone to him. He took this to some place where they can make it work. It was been his cell phone for three years.

Time came and we had to go back to the USA me and my daughter and i do not have any source for communication and i badly need it. My family was worried thinking of me and my daughter waiting long hours in manila so i borrowed the cell phone and now i have this in my care.

Last month i sent a package to my family and the cell phone should be inside as my brother needs it but i forgot to put it inside. Called my brother and told him that i am just going to give him some money to buy a new cell phone and at the same time my advance birthday present to him. He was so happy and yes, he has his new cell phone but still i am going to send this old cell phone back to him. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thousands OF Points

Last week, when i received our Delta Sky miles Card membership i had no idea that  it already earned points. I never expected about it from the fact that i missed showing my temporary membership card when we were checking in at  Delta, JFK.

Yesterday while checking my e-mails there were two e-mails from Delta with the subject of Your sky miles monthly statement i checked and to my surprised i had more than 8,000 points in my account same with my daughter. How did it happen? Anyway, thank's a lot Delta as i never think that i could still earn points without doing anything. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Ready For Two

Having another child is definitely in our plan but not this time. Our daughter will turn four this year and i hope when she turn five or six  we will be able to add a new member to our family. Everything is expensive and i believe it is not right to rush in things.

During our Philippine vacation i went to my gynecologist and had the pap smear test done and asked for prescription which was my birth control pills. Asked my gynecologist about a pills that will not give me a pimple or acne. She was happy to recommend the most expensive pills. Went to the pharmacy and bought some to my surprised one packet has 21 tablets only while my previous had 28 tablets on it. Believe it or not this packet cost a little over 500 pesos.

I started taking the said pills while i was still in Philippines and a week after we will be flying home back in the USA. Everything seems alright and i noticed some progress to my skin and truly no pimples. February when i was expecting my period and it did not happened. I did everything i could as i knew the fact that i am not pregnant as i was taking my pills every single night but still out of 100% there is a possibility of 1%.

Glad and rejoicing that after missing my period for a month i finally have my period yesterday which made me really thankful and so happy. Guess, it was not the right time yet for a new member to join the family. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Begins

Cold and freezing season really makes me hard to deal as i grew up in Philippines where you will experience hot and sunny day almost the whole year around.Rain comes but it does not get as cold here. The advantages of having warm season is that you can wear any clothes and you can spend time outside playing and cooking whatever you want under the sun. 

Every fall and especially winter our electric bill is soaring high which is so ridiculous and really makes our budget tighter. My husband bought this propane powered fireplace which was expensive to start with behind was our old fireplace that consumed coal and coal are very expensive buying it in tone. No savings in cold seasons and now, i am happy that spring will begins on the 20th meaning warm days will be experience and that means savings to us and that way we can minimize the usage of our fireplace and time to save electricity. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dr. Seuss Book And Funny Toy

American people are obviously into education it is visible from the children toy and even those little things and i am so amazed with that and lucky that my daughter will grows up surrounded with educational toys and books that really help her.
My sister-in-law is fond of giving Cassandra a book i do not know how many books she had given to my daughter already even though my daughter does not know how to read yet but it was not a problem to my sister-in-law her main purpose is to introduced my daughter to different kinds of books and characters and it was effective and she was right.

The book was really funny just read the title and more of that in the book that would make your tongue twisted. The stuff toy came with it very colorful though weird looking but my daughter play's with it and that is what matter i guess.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Delta Skymiles Cards Are Here

Before flying to Philippines for our vacation i knew a friend who have her own Delta Sky miles Card and told me the advantages of it. Fortunately, while my husband was browsing and made himself busy looking for a great deal tickets for me and my daughter he ended calling the same travel agency and purchased our tickets.

We flown to Philippines via Delta airlines back and forth. Before everything else i checked their website and join their Delta Sky miles. Now, i am an official member they said that i would received my card 4-6 weeks but gosh, it took almost three months for me to received the cards one for me and one for my daughter and i was surprised with it as my daughter got her own too though i did not sign up for her.