Thursday, December 1, 2011

Food Served Killed Passenger

American Airlines

Sad case of a passenger that was been served food while on board- he chose chicken and on the ground at JFK, it was apparent that something was wrong. The passenger became pale, had stomach cramps and  was suddenly very thirsty, symptoms consistent with food poisoning in a typical time-frame.

According to the wife's victim that the was "expressed and obvious" to AA staff. Boarding anyway, things took a turn for the worse quickly with the victim presenting nausea and shortness of breath which preceded a heart attack. He was pronounced dead in Norfolk, Virginia where the plane made an emergency landing, albeit too late.

The family  had filed suit against AA and Sky Chefs, the airplane catering company that apparently prepared the meal.

The lawsuit, reported to be in excess of $1 million by Tourism and Aviation has the four points:

~ The chicken was poisoned
~ AA was negligent for even allowing the passenger on board the flight in the first place.
~ AA failed to provide medical attention
~ AA waited too long for an emergency landing

Master Your Meal With GravyMaster®

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Portrait

We went to Harrisburg to celebrate a late Thanksgiving with my husband's family. One of his sister brought her camera because she wants to take a picture for each family. Our daughter is 4 year old and I do not know why she was really being silly at that time. I guess, she was being influence by her 8 year old  cousin. It was our family turn to have the picture taken but instead of smiling for camera she would pretend and create a sound of a dog. I bet the picture would not be as good as it is expected. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Protect Your Business- Use Norton Security 360

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Every computer needs a back up file or something that can save all the important documents and recover whenever a problem occurs. Many businesses these days are based online. This way, a small business owner can easily manage the business without needing that much of man power. When we talk online or internet services, it definitely involves the computers.   


There are many online threats that can put online businesses at risk.  Thanks' to Norton because they created a proven, reliable and security software that small business or home office can depend on. For small business owners who purchase the Norton Small Business by Symantec they save 30% discount off primarily the 5U/10U products. For more information about the said product, simply visit All small business need the Intern Security because it is powerful with a fast protection and will protect the business against viruses, spy ware, and other online threats without slowing down office PCs or dragging down productivity. Let Norton Internet Security 2012 takes care of you.



Business owner need to get a comprehensive protection for their businesses. There are different types of Norton software that can suit to your needs. The Norton 360 version has the all in one protection for small businesses. This will checks where files came from to identify and stop crime ware.  Another option is the 2012 Norton Small Business products now available for 30% of - designed for small offices with up to 10 PCs or Macs, safeguards your office computers from the latest online threats. Norton offers online security that is ranked #1 in performance and protection. 



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I would be happy to hear any comments about what type of Norton product will be useful or will benefit you most and why?



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