Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Veterans Affairs

My husband was in the military service before for ten years or so. I was thankful from that situation because if not we would not met. Things happened for a reason and i am a strong believer of this saying. When i met him, he was already working as a Manager in an automotive business. Being in the military service before he received a benefits from Veteran Affairs and he received two doctor's appointment every year. Therefore, he has an appointment every six months.

His appointment lasts week was about blood test. He went back yesterday to get the result and he said everything was fine. Indeed, the doctor advises him to stop taking his medication for his blood pressure. I am so happy when i heard it. His blood sugar is fine, his good cholesterol is fine and doing good. The bad cholesterol is a little problem and the doctor told him to slow down in eating eggs as egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. Overall, it was a good result and my husband is healthy. Health is what matter most.

Though, he does not need a health insurance as Veteran Affair covers him but his family is not. My daughter needs health insurance and so am i. Health insurance is so expensive but necessary for a growing family. Everybody needs to have the one. It is so unpredictable about when you are going to get sick and be hospitalized. I am lucky to belong in a country where health insurance and other insurances such as car insurance, house insurance does really matter. All companies have the health insurance benefits for their employees although employees paying for it but in a way that some companies make it compulsory and i strongly agree.


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bless you and your family. loads of loves and prayers. :)