Thursday, April 21, 2011

Air Traffic Controllers Responsibilities

How worried and safety are you every time you get in the airplane? For me, is come what may as i could not say if the flight will be safe or not. I trust the LORD and the pilot of the airplane. Had been to Philippines in December of lasts year and our route from New York to Japan for a grueling 12 hours doing sitting and eating all the time. It did happened again on our way back home we experienced another 12 hours of grueling flight from Japan to New York.

Things happen unexpectedly and being in the airplane as a passenger is not easy you cannot see down under windows are close and you are up in the air for thousands and thousands of miles from the ground. Pilots and Air traffic Controllers they communicate to make the landings safety or the route safety of the airplanes. Working at night is not fun at all. My husband was been working at night shift before and he did not like it so he quit his job.

To work night shift makes you sleepy. Have to keep drinking coffee to keep you awake or eat anything, drink vitamins or energy drinks to keep you awake. There were reports about Air Traffic Controllers being in trouble. Majority of the reports about  Air Traffic Controllers was falling asleep while on duties. Thousands or hundreds of lives of airplane passengers relied to them because they are responsible of telling the Pilot where and when to land or takes the airplane off safely.