Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mandarin orange Monday: I So Love Those Chunky Little Hands

That is my 12 month old son. He was getting a taste of Reese’s pieces taste. I caught him playing. And, all of the sudden i noticed his Orange shirt, the orange box of Reese’s and the Orange Reese’s pieces. I took a picture of his cute little chunky fingers and hands.. Aren’t those fingers and hands so cute? I thank my baby for this. He made my entry for MOM possible! :)

Family Fridays: Two Kids Are Better Than One

Getting ready to leave the hospital and go home for the very first time

Collage photos of my beautiful kids taken during the summer 2012 and fall

checking out the birthday card that he received from his Aunt, big sister was reading it for him- this was taken last month

this was taken a week ago, the big sister was helping her little brother opening his post birthday presents from his Aunt (hubby’s sister)
I love having the two kids. My daughter really loves her baby brother. Despite of their age differences, they get along so well. They giggle, they chase one another, they played hide and seek and they just have so much fun having each other. Two is definitely better than one! Double trouble, double the fun! :)

and, the person who brought them in this beautiful world, their mommy/mama :)