Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fishing Permit

On our way for grocery shopping we saw car after car park on the side of the streets. They are the fisher men. It was around nine a.m. and very cold but despite of the climate that day fisher men were out there fishing. Saturday and should be with their families or could have just waited until the day clears up. My husband brought up the topic of getting a fishing license permit so that we can go fishing sometimes. Our daughter is getting bigger and we want her to be exposed and explore in any different kind of adventures and activities.

We got home and my husband got on the computer and check for the fishing license permit cost and how and where. He got the information that he needs. He already has all the gear that we will be needing for fishing as he went fishing before during his younger days with his nephew. He showed me different kinds of trout. Now, i knew that there are three different kinds of trout the rainbow trout, the brook trout and the brown trout. They, looks all yummy to me.

I love fish and i eat fish once or twice a week. Fish is good for all of us as it is the best source of omega three good for enhancing our memories. Filipino people love to eat fish and that how i love fish i grew up eating fish as part of our meal. I hope that sooner my husband can renews his fishing license permit and that we can go fishing. I want to see how our daughter will likes the fishing. Fishing is quiet boring but i likes the feeling whenever you catch fish.