Saturday, April 9, 2011

Speed Limit 85 Mile Per Hour

I am not a professional driver as i never take my road test exam yet and my learner's permit had expired. When i was driving with the supervision of my husband i encountered different speed. Other area would have limit of 15 mile per hour, 20 mile per hour, 25 mile per hour, 30 mile per hour and 65 mile per hour is the maximum limit in the state where i live. I tried to drove at 60 mile per hour before and it was scary as i felt like flying.

I saw in the news that the Texas house propose a bill to increase the state's speed that has a limit of 85 miles per hour.  I could not believe it but as what i heard everything in Texas is big. Roads might be really wide and less traffic in Texas. I could not imagine driving myself in a 85 mile per hour.  My husband will surely loves the idea. I would like to visit someday  in Texas since they have warm climate and they are known of rodeo.

Food in Texas are good as i heard people saying it base to their experience and they have many Asian restaurants too. I believe there are many Mexican residing in Texas as it is a border of Mexico. If the said bill will be approved then Texas speed limit will be 85 mile per hour. They are the only state who have that kind of speed in the whole nation.