Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pre K And Workbook Activity

Our daughter will turn four few months from now. She knows the basic lesson that a typical Pre K student has to learn. As a mother i want to teach her everything. My goal is to have her learn to write her name and be familiar with it before she can start her school year. Early learnings will surely benefits her. She is very good in interacting and listening and can easily follow instructions. I let her watched Television shows that are educational and she learns so many helpful and useful lessons from them.

Counting numbers is one thing that she learned though she cannot count until 20 but it takes awhile and we are just taking baby step. Different colors and shapes is not a problem. Recognizing alphabets and to spell a word is a piece of cake to her. She is doing very well. A fast learner and a good listener.

My focus now is to teach her how to write her name. She has a long character in her name. We bought her a Pre K work book that has a lesson for a Pre K students and a primary journal that has lines to guide her to write her name and to follow the proper lines. At the store she did not show any interest to the stuff that we got from  her. There were colorful and cute stickers for bonus in the workbook that we bought for her and she saw them and she likes. She flips the work book's page and saw interesting pictures. She recognizes them and cannot wait to start the activities that she has in her work book.