Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Whale Is Back

Florida is such a beautiful state. They are known of having a warm climate and indeed, people from states that has a four different seasons they choose to settle down in Florida once they retire. I love warm climate but my luck is in different state. Florida is also known of Disneyland and the Sea World attraction where specifically located in Orlando Florida.

My husband's cousin she always go to Orlando, Florida in Disneyland to take her grand daughter for one week vacation. Expensive but surely you will enjoy and it will definitely be one of your unforgettable vacation. We have plan of taking our daughter to Florida Disneyland in Orlando, Florida whenever she is a bit older where it is not hard for her to handle.

Sea World lasts year was been known of a tragic death cause by this famous whale. He or she killed her trainer. Nobody knows what provokes the whale to attacked the trainer he or she pulled her in the water and just did anything until she drowns and died who knows it might be her long hair that annoys the whale. The whale was been kept in a separate place and now he or she is back in the pool performing again.

There were outrage all over. Guess, everybody at Sea World Orlando, Florida  knows what they are doing and what they are getting into. Hope the said whale will not attack any trainer and Sea Worlds people must learn their lesson. This is scary but still would love to go to Orlando, Florida and see some friends and to go to Disneyland for our daughter to experience the adventures of her life. All kids dream is to go to Disneyland.