Friday, April 8, 2011

Synthetic Drugs Growing Popular

Countries all over the world have the same growing problem and that is illegal drugs. Crime rates and deaths increasing rapidly due to these people who got high on drugs and they do things that they are not aware of because the drugs have the control over their mind. Rapes, murders, abuse and other acts caused by using drugs in a wrong way. Others, get high and addicted to their pain killer prescription and overdose themselves and leads to death.

Synthetic drugs or substances are now popular in the market and other place sells it legally. No questions ask when you buy the said synthetic drugs such a bath salt and fake pot that mimics the result of Marijuana and Cocaine for less amount and the easy access of getting them.

Results are fatal for these synthetic drugs. Fake pot and bath salt. There are reported cases about these. Other committed suicide, been hospitalized, getting outrageous and wild and just becoming a different person from using the synthetic drugs.

Common users of this said synthetic drugs and bath salts are teenagers who are curious and who wants to get high. Influence by friends and the fact that you can buy them legally in some places.

This is such a serious growing problem. Many young lives are at risk. This drugs should be stop. I never heard of bath salt can gets you high. Strange but it does happening. Marijuana and Cocaine they are expensive so wicked people out there will not stop finding ways on how to produce illegal drugs regardless if it means killing lives. They care for the money. Therefore, they came up with this nonsense but fatal ideas of making synthetic drugs.