Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daddy And Daughter Activity

Daddy and daughter had a special bond together late afternoon yesterday as they both making something out of dough or clay. We bought it back in Philippines during our vacation. Three dough or clay and had different color green, pink and orange. My daughter gave the green dough to her cousin Nicole. My daughter cut up the dough or clay and put them in the bucket left and they turn hard.

She saw the bucket yesterday and handed to her daddy and asked him to make something. Her daddy made a robot and a snake. It was funny but they had the fun together. I love to see my daughter and husband having a close bond and to spend as much time as they could. Our daughter was creative at her young age, she grabbed the ink pen and was poking the snake i asked her what are those? She replied, those are spots, mommy! Just like the real snake. Robot sitting on the snake

I took a picture of the robot and the snake that they made together. The snake was orange. Times like this is one of a kind and very precious. Our daughter is turning into a real daddy's girl. She always said that her daddy is good and she love her daddy very much as her daddy loves us too. How sweet is that?