Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Under The Knife

It is sad to know that other people cannot face or deal the truth about  physical beauties being temporary as it does not exist forever. Human have different stages to experience. From being a baby, grow up to be a kid, become a teenager, reach the adolescent stage and become adult. Get married, become a wife and a mother and after that become a grandmother or a grandfather. As we travel these stages in life our age number is also progressing. Aging is waiting along the line. Wrinkles here and there. Soggy and droopy skins become visible, gray hair and baldness shows and even bulging bellies and adding weight are become part of our age!

Science is a savior to people who wants to stop their faces from looking old and stopping their skin from being wrinkly . Cosmetic Doctors, pills and injections are available despite of the price. Some insurance does covered. There was a case about this lady who cannot close her eyes now.

It was reported that she was been doing this as her routine. She had too much skin on her eyelids. She went and consult a cosmetic eye surgeon and she had her cosmetic eye surgery performed. The result was sad as she could not close her eyes anymore. Regardless of what she is doing her eyes remain open. How hard is that to live with your eyes open all day all night.

Sued the said doctor. She was awarded but the amount is not enough to supply her needs for her eye maintenance. Doctor cut and took too much skin from her eyelids. I bet her eye surgeon was careful on performing the procedure but there is risk in any procedures. She was unfortunate to be one. They said that there is a solution to make her eyes close again but she has to undergo another eye surgery where the eye surgeon is going to take some skin from the back of her ear.


Erin said...

Hi! Found you through the Mom Blogs. Wow, can't believe that happened with the woman's eyelids. How sad :(