Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Can They Get This Over?

There was a report this morning about the radiation in Tokyo, Japan that was rising up! This is scary for all the people not only those who live in the area where the tsunami happened but in  people who primarily live in Japan. I heard that this radiation has been detected in Philippines, China and other Asian countries. Here in United States there was a report about some areas being detected with radiation.

We stop buying fish as they came from China. The problem is majority of the foods are coming from Asian countries. What is going on? When is Japan can find a way and stop the spreading of radiation? I knew this is not an easy problem. My heart goes to all the Japanese  people specially those babies and little children.

Can you feel the world ending soon? The Mayan prediction is always on my mind reminding me the December 21, 2012 where they are talking the world will end. Half believable with all the calamities, disasters  going on. Non stop reports of tornadoes, hurricane, floods and unexplainable events. We stop in Japan in February to catch up or next flight to New York. I was glad the tsunami and radiation did not exist that time. Radiation is known of not being good to human health. There are many Filipino who are working in Tokyo, Japan and all over Japan since Japan is not that far from Philippines. Hope this all radiation scenario will be over soon and Japan can gets back to their feet once again! 


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