Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chewable Fluoride For Kids

Why is it so hard to buy a chewable tablet fluoride for kids? Is anybody can gets high with fluoride? I am so intrigue with this. We had been searching for a chewable tablet form fluoride for our three year old daughter and could not found over the counter fluoride. I asked the pharmacist and said that it is only available with prescription. What? Hard to believe it! They want prescription because Doctors want a patient. That is the message. Simple fluoride that will be given by a parent but yet need a prescription.

Our daughter had a prescribed fluoride before but the prescription was expired and i thought that it may be available like the rest of the over the counter medicines. I search online but there was no luck. There was a place though but in abroad Thailand. How can you trust those sellers. There are many counterfeit medicines being reported. It was expensive and i am not sure if they are approved by FDA.

Thailand is very far outside the country and have no idea for those illegal acts. So i rather go to the Doctor and ask for prescription. I saw in the news that there was a raid in Peru  the place was producing fake medicines so how can i be sure if the fluoride coming from Thailand is genuine.