Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner At Pizza Buffet Restaurant

My husband left the house around two o'clock for some important thing. He went to his buddy's auto shop to return something. I knew that he would be late when he gets home because of all the talking and everything, man world.

He came home around five o'clock and i did not thawed anything and whenever i thaw something i place it in a dish and made it visible put in one of our sink. Today, i did not do it because the pork does not need to be thawed and it is in the fridge. He did not ask anything for dinner. I was on the phone talking to my friend and all the sudden my husband asked our daughter if  she wants to go to pizza buffet restaurant. Mommy likes and so as our daughter.

It was drizzling when we left the house and as we were driving the rain was getting heavier. Finally, we reached the destination and the rain calmed down. We did not get wet as we do not like to bring umbrella. Half way of eating in the pizza buffet restaurant  i saw a bus parked right at the front of the pizza buffet restaurant. I saw the bus peoples going inside the pizza buffet restaurant and there was a long line from them. They were students. The pizza buffet restaurant were out of some kind of pizzas as it was still in the oven baking. The rest of the customers were waiting with their empty plate though salads available.

Were done and time to go home and it was raining outside. My husband has to walked to the parking lot where we the pick up truck was park and we just waited outside the pizza buffet restaurant. He came and we hop in. Believe it or not i was not really into pizzas i had some slices of different flavors but i was crazy with their vegetable salads i had the two rounds of plates. I was craving for it.