Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turning Into A Barber

I was always curious and i enjoyed those hair dresser designing hair and cutting hair too. I wonder how they can make it almost perfect especially those barbers it is so tricky to watch and very hard as you have to make it sure that your customer leave your salon or barber shop happy and satisfied with your service. My mom when she was in her teenage years she told me that she enrolled herself to a particular school and studied hair styling, hair cutting , manicure and pedicure.

I remember myself giving my mom and aunties a free manicure and pedicure and sometimes they paid me. I was not a professional i only learn by observing those professional people doing their manicure and pedicure. Since i was really curious and want to learn how to cut hair i started cutting my brother's hair and for him to say yes to my experiment i bribe him by giving him some of my money. This was back when we were in Elementary. He would agree and was really funny as i does not know how to make it look symmetrical both sides. When my mom sees it she fix my brother's hair for me to save my brother from getting mocked.

Time flown so fast that times came and i am married and came to live her in the USA. My husband and i went to a grocery store where they also have a salon that cut hair for men and women. He got a hair cut and i was not satisfied with the result. It was a very unsatisfying service. I knew i am not professional never gone to school for the said profession but i knew myself that i could do better than the hairdresser. From there, i told my husband that i will be his barber.

Lucky that i have to do only the sides and the back as we have this electric haircutting system. It came with different length or inches according to your preferred length. It was like you are combing the hair. My husband always have a military hair style. Short and his hair grows so fast!

Yesterday, he asked if i could cut his hair. I did cut his hair and this is how it looks like.