Friday, April 15, 2011

Saving Women Lives

Happy to read this article that France is joining forces with Sweden, Norway and Iceland in imposing jail time for clients who are engaging themselves to prostitutes and buying their services. This way women will  be protected and human trafficking will diminish. There are evil people who uses women and sell them in prostitution. Many women has been kidnapped and put into prostitution against their will.

This problem is growing because there are people who are supporting this act and those people are called clients. This will be the beginning of a drastic moral changes in women. Number of people have AIDS will decrease as who will like to be caught and be put in jail?

All countries should follow and implement this law to save the women dignities, pride and health. Prostitution, is every where and a life and death situation it is not a safe world. The saddest thing is that majority of the women are working in prostitution because they were kidnap. I saw a movie entitled taken last year and these two teenage girls were friends. No friends in France they arrived in the airport there was this person acting friendly only to know that they would be kidnapped and be put in prostitution. Scary, is not it?


Glynis said...

Very scary! I agree that client's should do jail time. It takes two to tango.
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