Monday, April 11, 2011

My Versatile Spouse

Yesterday was a beautiful day. My husband clean out the sludge, removed the soaked dried leaves and drained off the stagnant water in each gutters that we have located each corner of the house. He went to Lowes to get more stuff and finally the gutter cleaning was done today. I helped him out by holding the screws, holding the thing that connects to the gutter just to put a little pressure as he was on top of the ladder screwing back the aluminum thing to the gutter. Cut off some roots that grew across this long, fat, stretchable tube. It was a teamwork though he did performed the major jobs. Now, we have a clean, dirt free gutter!

The  Honda ATV was a such a big help as my husband was driving it  to pull  the big, long  worm looking tubes out that was buried in the soil been there for many years. I am one lucky wife married to a versatile husband. He can do many things. Since i was married to him we hardly call any help from the outside like paying for a particular service. Septic tank is complicated and such a dirty job. We hire and call a service man for that. Electrics and wiring my husband is capable of fixing some minor problem and to install some minor wiring around the house and in the garage. His expertise, to fix cars. We have no problem when it comes changing oil, filters, tires, putting new brake lines and brake pads, and putting new windshields and many more.

He mows our lawn, he does many things only not the cooking. Thankful that he got the Honda ATV Rancher as it works best in the yard work and going to the woody forest. His Honda ATV really works hard and never break down since he bought it. Anyway, he always buy Honda when it comes to his ATV. The Honda ATV Rancher is actually his third or fourth ATV.