Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Danger In Craigslist

I heard about Craigslist before from whom are finding good deals used to new items and almost everything just like the other known online website. Never gone to Craigslist website even though a family member was been buying and getting good deals from them.

Last year, a first Craigslist killer was reported from killing the escorts women that he had met through Craigslist. He was a fine looking college student and brilliant. He was engaged and dreaming to be a Doctor someday he was studying in a medical school.

Gambling addiction whatever triggers him in killing his victims from Craigslist was unknown. He might be a psycho who was enjoying the begging and torturing to his victims who really knows. What shocks me was that Craigslist running some kind of prostitution. Yes, they call themselves escorts but they go beyond to the name description whenever they are with their client.

Another, astounding discovery from Long Island, New York in a secluded beach area. I was been hearing this shocking news the discoveries of eight victims skulls and bones started last year in December and yesterday the police found another two additional skulls from human. No evidence could be traced from the killer nor from any of the victim. Some theories are saying that the killer may be a police. The killer knows is very sophisticated of doing his acts without leaving any evidence.

He may be in military, he may be a retired or current police officer. This killer knew the law enforcement procedures and techniques.
  All his victims were in their 20's and all from Craigslist again! How scary is that? He indeed, use the cell phone of his victim to call the victim's sister and told the sister about what her sister was really doing. Many lives of women will be in danger if Craigslist will continue this escort thing on their website. 


dreamachine said...

I just read about that this's so crazy and so sad! What a world we live in, huh? Great blog by the way and thanks for the add, I'll definitely be following!