Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golf Sport

When i first heard about golf sport it was from the Filipino actor back in Philippines. I thought it was just another sport but i was wrong because playing golf is very expensive from the accessories such as gloves, gear, uniform and everything. My husband called this sports as rich people sport.
I agree because if you have to play golf you should be able to buy all the things needed for the golf. Living here in our area i had seen a few golf places where people play the sport. You can tell from the way they dress and the car they are driving. For me, golf is expensive sport and boring. What do you do, hit the golf ball and score. Challenge is not really there for me i like something rough that could sweat me and make me scream! People have different views and concepts. Growing up in Philippines, people play manual games or sports in general. People i knew who play the golf sport are those who are rich and prominent.
There are many websites where you can browse and shop for golf accessories, golf uniform, golf iron set, golf balls, golf shoes for men and women, golf outer wear and sunglasses and golf visors. I visited one website that sells golf equipment and everything. They are having huge sale. They have this 13 Piece Set that will give the golfers everything they need for affordable price.
It includes with a 460 cc titanium composite driver, a fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter, this set has you covered from tee to green. A lightweight stand bag, two head covers and a rain hood complete the set. Available in right-handed and left-handed sets.