Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I am tired and sick of having a traditional vacuum that requires vacuum bag to replace whenever it gets full. Costly, as we have to buy vacuum bags every time we run out of available bags. Lasts week we went to Walmart to buy the vacuum bags but they were out of stock, the kind and size that we need for our vacuum. Vacuum bags are expensive there are only three bags in a pack for almost six dollars.

We bought a dirt devil wireless vacuum before. It was my idea, i liked it very much light weight and bag less. Therefore, smart and very economical by saving our budget from buying vacuum bags. All you have to do is to empty the canister which is not a hard work. The only problem of a wireless vacuum was it does not lasts longer that i expected. My husband would charged the battery for over night and when i used it the next day would not even lasts for two hours. What a pain in our electric bill. That part was the big problem so we returned the bag less and wire less vacuum and we got our money bag. Thank's GOD!

There are so many new models out there of vacuum, and they are more innovative and more unique. I was checking the prices Saturday not bad for all the benefits that a vacuum cleaner cans do or offers. It is time for us to get a new one though our vacuum is like over a year old but i am getting tired of it. I want the kind of vacuum cleaner that has the steamer come with it. I want to clean and steam our carpet all the time. We have cat and her hair could be all over the place. Safer to have a clean floor.